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11th Annual Kino Walk — March 18-19

If you want a wonderful opportunity to explore the Rocky Point area, along with discovering some history, the 11th Annual Kino Caminata will do just that. This event will be held March 18th and 19th at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and will let you explore new routes, such as those used by NASA astronauts.

About the Kino Caminata

This annual walk retraces the steps of Padre Francisco Eusebio Kino, who was a Jesuit priest who explore Pinacate more than 300 years ago. In addition to being a Jesuit priest, Kino was also a missionary, cartographer, astronomer, geographer and explorer. He explored the Sonoran region and worked with the indigenous population of the area. Kina also proved that the Baja Peninsula was not an island as was previously believed by leading an expedition to the area. Over time, he established 24 missions and visiting stations. NASA also carried out moonwalk training in several areas throughout the Pinacate Reserve in preparation for moon exploration missions.

This Year’s Walk

According to event organizer and Historical Studies representative Roque Celaya, this year’s event can include up to 120 people, who will be able to camp in the area. Event goers will be able to make the three-kilometer walk to the area’s craters or just enjoy the landscape. The walk will also include exhibits about Kino’s exploration of the desert as well as his missionary work.

The walk will start from Sonoyta and then go approximately 72 kilometers to San Luis Rio before actually entering the Pinacate Preserve. There will be a 100-peso entrance fee. Each person should also expect to bring basic hiking gear, including appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, water, and food.

Walk Schedule

Saturday, March 18

8 a.m. — Walk starts/departs from Gasolinera Salcido, Sonoyta, Sonora

Families/attendees are responsible for food this day. The other three meals provided during the walk will be the courtesy of Puerto Peñasco.

7 p.m. — Cultural activities begin with conferences, exhibits and music


Sunday, March 19

Hiking with lunch served at 1 p.m.

Rental Accommodations for the Walk

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Photo By Fringio – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,