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13th Annual Rocky Point Rally

Whatever your interests, you can be sure that Rocky Point has a festival and/or event for you! Hosting a huge spectrum of festivals throughout the year, Rocky Point has become a hot spot for all kinds of great activities like, ATV racing, fishing, volleyball and much more. A great example of one of Rocky Point’s classic events is happening from November 7th through the 10th with the 13th annual Rocky Point Rally. This bike rally is the best that you can find south of the border, and as such, attracts people from all around. But this is not just your ordinary bike rally, for it serves to impact the community in a positive way.

While riding is the primary focus of this massive event, it is far from the only thing you will find here. There are endless things to keep you busy from the great riding events, to musical performances, black jack tournaments, bouts of boxing, and a huge party every night so you get a warm welcome no matter which day you arrive. Registration occurs every morning throughout the duration of the event, so you can enjoy as many days of this festival as you would like. Learn more to find out where this year’s registration station will be located so you can be as efficient as possible and get out there and have some fun. Due to the large amounts of local sponsors, there are often free beers and tacos for all riders throughout the event. To get a better idea of the great festivities planned, check this website periodically for the full festival agenda.


Because of the staggering support, which this event has garnered from local sponsors, there are countless contests and prizes to claim throughout the event. For example, the first 100 riders who had a charity wristband last year were all given the opportunity to go for a free ride on a pirate ship. While there are many prizes and opportunities, which you can win throughout this event, you are also encouraged to support this charity, which is the reason for the whole event in the first place. It is through the support of people like you that this local community receives such great benefits. While this is a motorcycle rally, it is not solely for those who ride bikes. There is plenty to enjoy at this festival for everyone, so come on out and have a great time! Make sure you register for you tickets to this year’s Rocky Point Rally!

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