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Check Out These Off the Beaten Path Spots in Rocky Point

3 Off the Beaten Path Spots in Rocky Point Only Locals Know About

Rocky Point is an amazing city in Mexico that offers visitors so much to see and do. From visiting the local beaches and enjoying the water to exploring the local terrain and learning about the local culture, a trip to Rocky Point is always a fun time. If you are looking for some other interesting things to do, consider checking out these off the beaten path spots in Rocky Point.

Public Beach

While there are a number of beaches that you could visit in Rocky Point, sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourism. Check out Public Beach. It is located between Playa Bonita and Peñasco del Sol and offers a quiet, quaint way to enjoy beach time in Rocky Point. Rent a cabana and just lounge and enjoy the beach in peace. If you get hungry, there are local vendors selling mango on a stick, fruit bars, and ceviche. There is even a small eatery, Gamma’s, that serves fresh, delicious fish at an affordable price. Public Beach is a perfect alternative to the hustle of the other Rocky Point beaches.

Ostiones Acua Mar (Oyster Farm)

Come enjoy some fresh oysters from the Sea of Cortez at the local oyster farm. You’ll be delighted at the sight of watching the oystermen pull your oysters right from the sea in front of you. This is as fresh as it gets! Located on Fremont Road, you’ll know you are at the right spot when you see a sign that reads Ostiones Acua Mar. Bring some items to enjoy a little picnic nearby and watch the oystermen do what they do. This spot is very popular on Sundays with the locals. Oyster Farm is definitely one of the best off the beaten path spots in Rocky Point!

Barra Vieja

As the oldest bar in Puerto Peñasco, Barra Vieja is a treat. No pretentiousness here folks. This is the place the locals come to for a beer. Come in, order a beer, and sit at one of the simple tables covered with Mexican printed tablecloths. If you are lucky, you may even get to see someone perform karaoke in Spanish. If you are brave, you just might join them! This is a quaint bar located at the bottom of an old hotel off of Calle 13 towards Peñasco del Sol.

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