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3 Rocky Point Activities to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day 2019

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Rocky Point. It is the perfect place for a wide range of different occasions, but it always provides a fun and romantic setting for you and your significant other. Of course, there is no better time to spend quality time with a loved one than Valentine’s Day. This beautiful setting and unique culture will ensure Valentine’s Day that you will never forget. These are three Rocky Point activities to enjoy during Valentine’s Day.

Incredible Experiences Out on the Water

In Rocky Point, there are so many unique and affordable ways to do something fun out on the water. As Rocky Point is a fishing village, taking advantage of some of their fishing charters provides for one of the best days you can imagine. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and fishing knowledge provided by your guides that go back countless generations. Catching amazing fish like halibut, black sea bass, red snapper, and so much more.

Amazing Rocky Point Restaurants

Fresh and delicious food is a huge part of the culture out here, as evidenced by countless unique dining establishments from a hole in the wall taco shops to elegant dining experiences. There are so many incredible Rocky Point restaurants for a romantic and pampering dining experience. Mare Blu is one of the most iconic of these establishments from its incredible ocean views to unique Italian fusion cuisine. Their signature dish is the surf and turf with shrimp and a beautiful 9 oz filet. You can also find amazing experiences at Chef Mickey’s Place, The Point Restaurant, and more. It’s definitely one of the best Rocky Point activities to enjoy during Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Beaches

The beaches here are truly unique. The main quality that makes them some of the most romantic you will ever find is how massive and flat the sandbars become at low tide. These flat stretches of compacted sand extend hundreds of yards towards the ocean, providing some of the most amazing walks on the beach you will ever experience.

Book a Stay to Experience These Rocky Point Activities to Enjoy During Valentine’s Day

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