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3 Activities You Won’t Find in a Rocky Point Guidebook

Rocky Point is known for its soft sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, and its unique charm. This small beach town is a popular destination for all ages as there is an almost endless amount of activities. You can spend your trip enjoying the beach, eating fresh seafood, or exploring the nearby Sonoran Desert. If you are looking for the town’s hidden gems, be sure to check out some of these activities that you won’t find in any Rocky Point guidebook!

Kayak the Morua Estuary

One great way to see the abundant wildlife of Rocky Point is to rent a kayak. There are several places in town where you can rent a kayak for the day. Spend the day exploring the calm warm waters of the Sea of Cortez where you may see dolphins, sea lions, and several varieties of seabirds.

If you are looking for a truly unique experience, then set your kayak in the water and head south to the town of Sonora where you will find the Morua Estuary. This unique ecosystem is home to more than 140 endemic and migratory birds. If you get hungry after a day of bird watching, there are women picking fresh oysters from the lagoon. Known as Las Mujeres, these women are part of the Women of the Sea Cooperative and have been picking and selling fresh oysters from the lagoon for nearly 40 years. The Morua Estuary is definitely somewhere you won’t find in any Rocky Point guidebook!

Snorkel with the Sea Lions Off Bird Island

Bird Island is a group of rocky islands located about 11 miles offshore of Rock Point. There are several boat charters that will take you out to the islands which are known as a biological sanctuary for birds and sea life. Because of the abundant wildlife, the waters off the island are a popular spot for snorkeling. Dive into the waters, where you will get the chance to see sea lions, dolphins, and blue-footed boobies up close and personal. Most of the boat charters out to the island will also provide you with food, drinks, and snorkeling gear for the day.

Watch the Sunset from El Malecon

Rocky Point is known for its breathtaking sunsets. Most places along the beach will offer amazing views of the sun going down, but for a truly unique experience, watch the sunset from El Malecon. El Malecon is the lifeline of Rocky Point. The street is lined with shops, restaurants, and fishermen selling their daily catch. You can sit on a bench and watch the boats come in for the evening while the sun slowly sets over the Sea of Cortez.

Planning Your Stay

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