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3 Unusual Rocky Point Activities & Attractions to Enjoy

Every time you take a vacation, you’re opening yourself up for new adventures, fresh ideas, and untread avenues. When you come to Rocky Point, you’re in for an especially good treat, because there are many unique experiences here that you simply won’t encounter anywhere else. Read on to see our favorites!

Eat a Mango Carved Like a Flower

On the beaches in Rocky Point you’ll sometimes encounter local vendors out on the sand with wheeled carts. Some are selling neat handmade jewelry; some are selling other art or snacks. If you see a mango cart, you simply must stop what you’re doing and buy one. The mangoes in Mexico are juicier and more flavorful than you could imagine, and the way they serve them is unforgettable! They’ll carve slices into it like flower petals and put the whole thing on a stick for you, then top it with tajin for that distinct Mexican flavor. It’s much better than any popsicle, that’s for sure, and it hits the spot on a warm beach day!

Find Your Own Hidden Local Gem

There are so many amazing restaurants by the shore, but if you really want to experience the most authentic Mexican cuisine, you’re going to want to venture away from the shoreline and into the city. The best thing you could possibly do for yourself while you’re here is to ask a local where their favorite taco joint is. We all have our own favorites. Likely, their answer will be a small mom and pop shop somewhere in town which they’ll say makes the best tacos under the Mexican sun. And they’ll be right! Small taco shops are the secret treasure of Rocky Point, and a surefire way to find a hidden gem of your own that you’ll return to again and again over a lifetime is to make a friend here and ask. This is definitely one of the best Rocky Point activities to explore!

Take Flight Over the Sea of Cortez

There are so many ways you can enjoy the waters here in Rocky Point. But hands down, the number one most unique and off-beat way to soak in the sights of the ocean is to enjoy them from the sky. Go hang gliding with Ultralight Flights and you’ll never see the ocean (or the Earth) the same way again. If you’re looking for something cool and unusual to try this year, then you simply can’t pass this opportunity up. You get to fly on a powered hang glider with an experienced pilot and view the sparkling waters of the sea from overhead like a bird. What more can you ask for?

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