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Have an amazing vacation for 4th of July in Rocky Point

4th of July 2021 in Rocky Point

The most patriotic of all the holidays is just around the corner, and you, like many other red-blooded Americans, have decided to celebrate it in Rocky Point, Mexico! Wait, what? You’re going to Mexico to celebrate the 245th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Of course, you are, as you have realized that Rocky Point, while maintaining a distinctly south of the border ambience, has become a sanctuary for American travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Arizonans in particular like the short drive to cool beaches, spending long days under the sun, frolicking in the surf, and celebrating the freedom to celebrate however and wherever they like! If your 4th of July journey brings you to this little seaside village and a stay in one of our FMI holiday hideaways, this guide to all the fun you can have, traditional or otherwise, will ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with excitement and happiness this 4th of July in Rocky Point!

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Will They, or Won’t They?

The big question for 2021 is will there be fireworks? In the past, local resorts, night spots, and of course, tourists in town for the holidays often set off fireworks displays for the enjoyment of everyone in town, but the pandemic changed a lot of things and whether or not there will be “official” fireworks shows is still up in the air. We can say, however, that chances are, if you spend any time near the beaches after nightfall there will be more than a few pops of color lighting up the night sky! Bring a blanket, some beverages, and your fave tunes and if the fireworks don’t show up, will you really mind all that much? The party starts and ends with you and your fellow travelers and the joy you feel right here, right now, will outweigh any disappointment!

The Party Is Always Here This 4th of July in Rocky Point!

Although Rocky Point is also a family town, it is also known as a prime party spot, and what better way to celebrate the long weekend? 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year, which means many of our guests will be getting a bonus long weekend, and we aren’t complaining one bit! Leave the kids with Grandma, put on your coolest clothes, (and when we say cool, we are talking temperature wise; it gets hot in Rocky Point in July, and we want you to stay comfortable!) and head out to any of the hot spots you will read about here. Stop in JJ’s Cantina, a local tradition, and discover why it has been the place to party at as you listen to Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and sip on tequila long after the sun has set! Wrecked at the Reef offers big screen televisions, live music, and a dance floor that is always full, while Banditos is where you can actually check out the retired traveling bus of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (This all-American band has made Rocky Point its second home!) and sip on Mexican moonshine until you can actually hear colors and see smells. If there are fireworks this year, you will be able to see them from atop your perch at the Sky Bar (be sure to sample the food at the Fish Restaurant below!), and if trendy matters, you have to make your way to Elixir! Offering bottle service, light shows, and some of the sexiest people in Mexico, this spot always has something special going on during holiday weekends, so be sure to check out their web page as it gets closer to the 4th of July weekend!

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All the Comforts of Home

Of course, the party scene doesn’t appeal to all, and if you are traveling with family, you may just want to enjoy all the comforts found in your FMI Rentals holiday sanctuary! Choose a beachfront property and spend your days playing under the Mexican sun, building sandcastles with the younger travelers and riding the banana boats in the surf with the teens and tweens of your life. Grill the catch of the day on provided barbecues, jam to your favorite tunes, and if you choose a property with a rooftop patio, maybe, just maybe, you can catch the fireworks displays that may be taking place all over town! Whip up a special holiday beverage—4th of July Spiked Bomb Pops made with coconut rum, blue curacao, and regular rum makes us really happy, but an ice-cold beer could be all you need for your own happiness. The comforts of our home away from home will make you glad you FMI Rentals for your Rocky Point accommodations and the laid-back lifestyle found down here will be exactly what you need to escape from the stresses found in real life. Reserve your stay today!