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5 Activities to Help You Stay Fit During Your Rocky Point Vacation

Most vacationers plan on indulging themselves in the many delicious restaurants and cantinas found around town during their stay in Rocky Point, Mexico. Treating yourself is a great way to relax, but you also want to make sure you do not go overboard and go home with more weight than what you came with. Rocky Point is one of the top places to vacation in Mexico and is a great destination to partake in several activities that will help you stay in shape during your vacation. Here are some ideas to help you stay fit while visiting Rocky Point.

Walks on the Beach

Rocky Point features miles of gorgeous beaches that can be easily walked for hours to come. Walks on the beach are a great way to burn some calories, as the sand creates resistance on each step, making it more strenuous. You can enjoy the fantastic views of the beachheads as you and a loved one or family take a stroll with the sand between your toes.

Running on the Beach

An even better workout to help you stay fit is running on the beach. Similar with walking, the sand provides resistance, making your legs do some extra work and burning additional calories during your strides. Take a run at sunrise or sunset for incredible views of the sunlight reflecting off the blue waters.


Just outside of town, vacationers will find various hiking trails to explore. The Morua Estuary provides a biologically diverse environment that is perfect to explore and is located just 15 minutes east of Rocky Point. Various sand dunes are also found around the area that are perfect to climb up giving you a good workout.

Explore the Pinacate Biosphere

The Pinacate Biosphere is one of Mexico’s largest land reserves and is home to the Pinacate Volcanic range. This protected area is a great location to hike, walk, or run through and provides gorgeous views of all the flora and fauna.

Swimming in the Ocean

Nothing gives a better workout on the body than swimming. Rocky Point provides several bays that are free for individuals to swim through and enjoy their day. Your body will feel great after enjoying the cool waters of the ocean. If you feel really motivated, plan your own personal triathlon by creating a course of running, biking, and swimming during your next Rocky Point vacation. Make your stay here perfect when you book your stay with FMI Rentals in one of our beautiful vacation rental homes.