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5 Fun Things To Do In Rocky Point


Are you planning a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico this winter? Maybe you’re wondering about what kinds of fun things you can do to keep you busy. As it turns out, you’ll never run out of fun activities, from fishing to hiking, waterskiing, hiking, and sightseeing, Rocky Point offers an endless array of activities for you and your family, and the only trouble you’ll have is choosing the ones you like the most. Whether you prefer land or water activities, Rocky Point offers the perfect place for your next vacation.

The following are five options that you might want to consider during your next trip to Puerto Rocky Point:

Charter a trip to Bird Island

Take a long walk along the beach. Enjoy snorkeling, and scuba diving with the sea lions, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Charter a boat on the Sea of Cortez from Puerto Penasco. Located about 27 miles southeast of Puerto Penasco, Bird Island offers a biological refuge for all kinds of birds, animals, and mammals. You’ll enjoy watching marine swallows, tropical birds (of all kinds), seagulls, and sea lions. Bird Island has one of the biggest colonies of sea lions in Mexico.

Take a walk along Sandy Beach

Explore the southern end of Rocky Point where you can find all kinds of unique seal life. The hurricane in late 1997 brought all the sand back to the Mirador Tourist beaches.

If you’re looking for a cruise on the ocean, Rocky Point offers plenty of chartered boat services to suit your needs. There are also plenty sport fishing charter services as well. Or, you can always pick up a rod, find a good local spot, and cast a line in the water.

Try out some of Rocky Point’s Favorite Nightclubs

Located in the El Mirador area, Manny’s beach club is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. Manny’s is open during high season and peak weekends.

JJ’s Cantina, located in Cholla Bay of Rocky Point, is well known for hosting many events including fishing and volley ball tournament. The Cantina also features several popular bands from the U.S.There are also plenty of bars that line the streets of Rocky Point. Club Exilir is also a popular watering hole. The Elixir Club also has a DJ for entertainment and dancing.

Check out some of Rocky Point’s Favorite Sports

The most popular games in the Rocky Point are Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball. Games take place at the Municipal Athletic fields located behind Baseball Stadium, and are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday during the day.