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5 Healthy Restaurants to Eat After the 4th of July

You’ve just enjoyed all that wonderful 4th of July holiday food—hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and other simply delightful food! Now, you’re feeling like you might need to something on the healthier side. Luckily, there are tasty restaurant offerings in Puerto Peñasco.

Green Point Juice Bar and Health Store

Start your day out with some healthy juice from Green Point. This is a relatively new establishment (opened in January 2016) that offers a variety of healthy offerings. There are cold pressed juices and bakery items made from natural grains. There’s even a line of all-natural soaps, shampoos, and such to help get your skin healthy as well!

Tiki Fresh Food

This is one of the few vegan restaurants in the area. The Tiki offers a casual setting where you can enjoy fresh salads, sandwiches, and a variety of smoothies. You’ll find an assortment of vegan cheeses, wraps, milks, and more. There are also non-vegan items available so the entire group can enjoy this healthy establishment.

Healthy Kitchen

At Healthy Kitchen, you’ll enjoy some truly great indulgences without the guilt. Some menu items include chicken breasts in a mushroom sauce, grilled garlic shrimp, and several fish fillet offerings. The chef and owner of this establishment strive to provide a menu for those who wish to eat a healthier variety of local cuisine.

100% Natural

100% Natural in Rocky Point is part of a vegetarian-friendly restaurant chain offering vegetarian versions of traditional Mexican dishes, as well as vegetarian favorites such as soy burgers. This restaurant also offers dishes created from fresh fruits and vegetables—a great way to eat healthy!

Chef Mickey’s

If you are looking for healthy gourmet food, Chef Mickey’s is the place. This establishment makes its visitors feel at home, with tasty, healthy offerings that include a variety of seafood, beef, chicken, and Mexican cuisine dishes. And this tasty restaurant takes special requests, just ask the chef!

Prep Your Own Healthy Meals

You can always just pick up some local ingredients and head back to your fully equipped FMI Rental. Our rentals have kitchens that will let you create your favorites or try your hand at some local recipes.

If you want more recommendations about our fantastic local restaurant scene, just ask one of our friendly staff members.