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5 Pieces of Rocky Point Information You May Not Know

Each year, millions of visitors head down to Rocky Point, Mexico for an exciting and fun-filled vacation by the beach. You can find limitless activities to keep you occupied during your travels. However, there may be a few details you are not aware about Rocky Point. Here is some Rocky Point information you may not know.

Originated as a Fishing Village

Rocky Point was first established just off the Sea of Cortez as a fishing village. In fact, fishing is still performed by hundreds of local commercial and casual fishers. You will find an incredible selection of locally-caught seafood that are freshly prepared at the local restaurants. If you love seafood, you will be amazed by the seafood selection you can find across town.

Features a Protected Biological Preservation

Just outside of the city you will find the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. This government protected area is home to all kinds of amazing fauna and plant life that cannot be found anywhere in the area. At the Biosphere, you can even find craters left behind by an ancient volcano in the Sonoran Desert.

NASA Training

The presence of the craters left behind by the ancient volcano has made the Biosphere a perfect place for NASA training. In fact, from 1965 to 1970 astronauts were sent here to train for moon-walking since the terrain is so similar to that of the moon. Among those trainees was the famous Neil Armstrong, who received his training at the Biosphere. Who knew that a Mexican preservation had such deep ties to the training of NASA astronauts?

Wildlife Galore

Many unaware travelers may think that Rocky Point is strictly desert landscape due to its presence in Mexico. However, Rocky Point is home to all kinds of aerial and marine wildlife that can be viewed during a majority of the year. Many bird enthusiasts spend months here watching the birds migrate. Excursions to the many surrounding islands can show you aquatic creatures such as dolphins, seals, and many more.

A Short Drive from the U.S.

Many tourists frequent Rocky Point for its proximity to the United States. In fact, Arizona is less than four hours away just by driving! You will find an exotic, yet close vacation getaway when you spend time in Rocky Point.

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