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A Winter Getaway to Rocky Point

The best thing about Rocky Point is that it remains a thriving beach town regardless of the time of year. Winter falls on us gently here, leaving us with cool temperatures that relieve us from the heat of summer but still let us wear our summer clothes if we want to. So, make sure to pack your shorts, along with your spirit of adventure, and your hunger for art, culture, and fun and get ready for the best Rocky Point winter activities!

Say Goodbye to the Crowds

Visiting an ocean town like Rocky Point, Mexico is great fun in the summer, but you’ll always be a victim to crowds, at the bars and in the shops and even on the beach. You’ll always be sharing your patch of sand. But when you come to visit us in the winter, you’ll circumvent the summer rushes. You’ll have all of the Rocky Point winter activities and beaches to yourself! That’s a prime ingredient for a magical winter getaway.

Year-Round Beach Fun

You’ll find that the weather here remains temperate and mild through the winter, enough so that you can easily enjoy the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Explore the tide pools with your little ones or take the one you love on a romantic afternoon boat ride, a chartered trip to sea to watch the sun setting beyond the waves. Go kayaking, have a fishing afternoon, and take the fish you catch back to your rental to fry them up and treat the family to a gourmet, self-caught, holiday seafood dinner.

Never-Ending Adventure with Rocky Point Winter Activities

You’ll find tons of things to do here that you can only do in the winter, like visiting the Mermaid’s Market for eye-catching local arts and crafts or attending the Cholla Bay Christmas Light Parade for a taste of holiday magic. Take a day to go golfing on the green and liven it up in the afternoon by renting some jet skis and hitting the waves again. Stroll the endless sights at Cholla Mall during the day and go out dancing at BooBar Cantina in the evening. The fun never ends with Rocky Point winter activities. It’s simply waiting for you to arrive.

Get Started on Your Winter Getaway

Get started today on planning that winter getaway to the seaside that you’ve always dreamed of. There’s no better place to start than with FMI Rentals. Take a stroll through our catalog of lovely rental homes, all perfect for winter visits to Rocky Point, and give us a call at (602) 288-8609 (US) or (602) 388-0773 (MX) to take the next step.