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Adventure Spotlight: Oyster Farms in Rocky Point

When you visit Rocky Point, you should definitely make it a priority to visit the Rocky Point Oyster Farms. Las Ostionera, the Rocky Point Oyster Farms, are natural farms where you will find the oysters being harvested right out of the seas. In addition, you will experience the gorgeous surrounding scenery that is enjoyed by thousands.

Fresh Oysters to Eat

When you visit the farms, you can enjoy the delicious flavors of fresh oysters taken right from the waters and delivered right to your table. All you’ll need to do is add a dash or two of some hot sauce, and enjoy these wonderful ocean bounties. Also on the menu at La Ostionera are the tostadas de ceviche. These are traditional tostadas created from a fresh corn tortilla with a topping of fish and vegetables that have been marinated in citrus juices and spices. There are also other wonderful seafood offerings on the menu.

Las Ostinera is just a short seven-mile drive from the city on the road to Caborca by the Las Conchas. This road is usually accessible by most vehicles; however, care should be taken if you are driving a smaller vehicle.

Within this vicinity, you will actually find three oyster farms. The one that is most visited is actually run by 16 members of a single family. Here you can enjoy traditional seafood dishes on the weekends. You will of course enjoy fresh oysters and seafood throughout the week!

More Attractions in Rocky Point

If you like oysters and seafood, you’ll probably want to visit the Rocky Point Old Port Fish Market. Depending upon the time of year, you can find all sorts of seafood — shrimp, oysters and the fresh catch of the day. Pick up some of these great local ingredients to take home and enjoy!

Other area attractions include Manny’s Tequila Factory, where you can enjoy some locally produced tequila. You’ll find a variety of flavored tequilas, along with the traditional Blanco Manny’s Beach Club tequila. Taste some offerings at the factory, and pick up some bottles to take home! Perhaps you can grill some of the great seafood with a lovely tequila sauce!

As you can see, Rocky Point offers some great attractions to make your getaway fun and exciting. At FMI Rentals we are happy to help you find other great attractions and activities to enjoy during your stay!