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An Educational Journey to Rocky Point

Over the years we have heard variations of the phrase, “The world is my classroom,” but we are willing to bet you have never really thought too much about what it means until recently. The new decade has been a tough one for most of us, filled with big changes that have affected every aspect of our lives, but with those changes, some good has happened. We spend more time with our close family, our commutes from the bedroom to the dining room table have changed our outlook on working from home, and more recently we have learned that homeschooling does not have to be done in our own homes! The world truly is our classroom, and if you’re looking for something a little more for your children’s classroom, we foresee your journey leading you in the direction of Rocky Point, Mexico and a stay in one of our FMI Rentals international getaways.

Math CAN Be Fun

Like a lot of parents, you are finding that the worst part of homeschooling is having to remember your own math classes from school and if your students have been taught the Common Core method, chances are you feel as if you are drowning. Fortunately, we have an easy way to bring fun back into math: Your Mexico journey could be a lesson in budgeting! Give your children a certain amount of money to spend and then talk about the different things they may want to buy on their south of the border explorations and have them figure out their own budgets. If your children are older, now is the perfect time to study the different money systems and to learn about the exchange rates of Mexico and the United States. At the end of the lesson, give them their allowance in pesos and take a field trip to the Mercado, and now your studies will be covering international economics!

Science That Scintillates

Ok, science was frightening for us right brain dominated students, but the beauty of the Rocky Point landscape (and seascape) may change your mind for these lessons. Snorkeling around Bird Island will delight your children as they learn about the creatures that lie beneath the Sea of Cortez and those that fly in the sky. Studying the flora and fauna of the region and comparing it to that of your home town and country is especially fascinating, and although making a homemade volcano in the fully equipped kitchen of your FMI Rentals vacation hideaway sounds fun, the opportunity to visit real volcanoes takes your educational journey to the next level of wonderful! And do not worry, the volcanoes in nearby El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve have not erupted in thousands of years.

Don’t Overlook Art

Schools have suffered severe budget cuts over the years, and the art classes are generally the first to go, but your children do not have to go without! You have probably already packed a sketch book and some colored pencils, now just take your children to the beach at sunrise and tell them to draw what they see! You can add a lesson in perspective to the class if you like, or you can give them the lead and prepare to be amazed at the talent your budding Picassos show when given the right tools!

Linking the History of Mexico and the United States in Surprising Ways

History is often nothing more than remembering the dates and names of different wars, but although we did go to war with Mexico in 1846 in an effort to expand our borders, this history lesson is going to be about more than that! Many people don’t realize that when prohibition became the law in the United States, Al Capone and his gangster friends brought the party south to Rocky Point. There was even a hotel in which Mr. Capone and his gangster friends set up a still, smuggling the product into San Francisco, much to the delight of Americans missing their favorite beverages! The Hotel Posada La Roca is rumored to be one of his favorite places to stay, and although it burned down in the 30s, it was rebuilt, and you and your children can visit if the urge arises. The stories told in this historic region offer beautiful glimpses into the past, coming alive in ways not manageable when learned from books or even from watching movies.

Amazing Almuerzos

Our Spanglish isn’t the best, but you won’t need an interpreter to understand the simple complexities of a fresh seafood lunch in Mexico! Our kitchens are fully equipped cheerful spaces that make meal prep easy and fun, but when you’re surrounded by restaurants in which the people love to create old country feasts for hungry guests, why not make lunch an experience? The Moonshadow Café and the Friendly Dolphin are two of our favorite dining spots, but feel free to explore and find others that please your palate!

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