Mexico is a fascinating and wonderful country that offers a lifetime of experiences for visitors from all over the world, and Rocky Point is just the entry way to all that fun! For those of you who may be visiting from back east, you may not get as excited about ferry’s as us Southwesterners; it’s just not something we see often. The Baja Car Ferry offers an exciting way to get from Point A to Point B. Point A in this case being Baja California Sur and Point B being Sinaloa, two very beautiful Mexican states that are well worth the visit!

What is the Baja Car Ferry?

A car ferry, for those who may not know, is a gigantic boat that you drive your vehicle on to travel to your destination. Many of the American versions simply drive you a short distance from shore to shore. The Baja Car Ferry mainly transports cargo trucks, but many passenger cars travel aboard the ferry as well. Although the journey from Baja to the Mexican mainland lasts approximately 20 hours, it’s still far shorter than driving through all the states to reach your destination.

Food, drinks (including alcoholic beverages), and cabins are available for an extra cost. Your ticket is based on the size of your vehicle and includes the drive; if you have other passengers, they will be charged separately. There are other fees as well, such as port fees and facilities fees, but overall, it’s an inexpensive way to travel. The cabins are nice, especially the ones that come with private restrooms, because the public bathrooms can be a bit messy by trip’s end.

Bring Your Pets!

If you are traveling with your pets, never fear, the Baja Ferry allows pets (for an additional fee, of course!) and the kennel room is visible from the deck. You can even bring water to your animals throughout the journey, and you will be the one loading and unloading your animals. The treatment of your beloved furry family member is better on the Baja Ferry than in some American cities!

If You Don’t Want to Spring for a Cabin, But Know You Will Need Some Sleep

Bring a sleeping bag and sleep on the upper deck under the skies. Temperatures can get chilly at night, so if you don’t have a warm sleeping bag, bring along an extra jacket. Either way, with the gentle rocking of the Baja ferry and the stars gently twinkling from above, you are guaranteed to get the best night’s sleep of your life, and the wake-up call of a Mexican sunrise is even better!

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