It’s a common scenario: you’re looking for a quality cocktail, but not from just anywhere. You want quality paired with the chance to make memories. Your sights are set on a bar experience that is unique enough to make you want to return; it’s about more than just getting a drink. If this is your situation, let this guide help you overcome the situation. Provided by FMI, this short article will educate you in the best bars in Rocky Point so that your stay and experiences can be exceptional.

Classic Drink Stop

Bearing historical flair, JJ’s Bar is said to be the first bar in Rocky Point. Food, drink and live music are all excellent qualities of JJ’s, oh, and the view. That’s right; JJ’s Bar has a patio which overlooks Cholla Bay meaning you can have a drink and have your breath taken away by the gorgeous view and fresh ocean air. Make it to JJ’s on the weekend and you’ll have some live tunes to accompany your visit. Check out their show schedule and you may even be able to land some celebrity acts.  Don’t let this simple name fool you, this casual bar has an attraction factor for good reason.

Witty Food

Here’s a name to leave an impact, Wrecked at Rick’s Place.  You read that right; it’s the name of a bar. This place doesn’t need to take itself too seriously to have a good time. A pirate hat atop a skull adorns their building front, serving as landmark to this tongue in cheek restaurant.   If you eat at Rick’s you’ll find it’s the food that wrecks you (in a good way); the drinks are secondary when such tasty food is available.  For example, their BBQ plate consists of delicious ribs accompanied by steaming asparagus and flakey tomato garlic bread – visitors rave about it. And of course, occasional $1 shot deals and live bands complete this venue.

A Magical Finale

Finally, to fully round out the offerings presented so far, introducing Elixir. This magical stop is a club by definition, so it will be high energy and flashy.  If you’re willing to dance and occasionally bump shoulders inside a well-loved lounge & bar, then hang out and enjoy the vibes. Otherwise, make a point to clock a drink before it gets too late. Elixir also identifies as a lounge so there’s comfortable seating to socialize before the party kicks into full gear.

Rest Your Mind

Now the age old problem of where to get a drink has hopefully been mitigated. You can now enjoy a drink with the comfort of the bar conundrum being laid to rest. Contact us today to find some more Rocky Point Bars!