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Baseball in All the Right Places

Rocky Point, locally known as Puerto Penasco, is a vacation hotspot in Mexico. College kids are drawn here with a vision of beers on the beach for cheap, while older vacation goers may appreciate the accessibility of foreign beaches that aren’t too far away. The good news is no matter your reason, Rocky Point can be a home away from home. The staple of baseball need not be left behind when you leave America’s borders.

Foreign Teams May Become a New Favorite

Mexico boasts some great local sports, baseball being no exception. One of the biggest baseball teams in Mexico is The Tiburones, meaning The Sharks in English. The powerful ball players have a consistent schedule through the Summer offering thrilling games all through vacation season.  The Tiburones can be found frequently in Benito Juarez stadium and it’s cheap. At only $5 for VIP seats once can afford an abundance of $1.50 beers and $2 tacos. Being in Mexico doesn’t mean you can’t experience classic comforts!

Channel the Athlete Inside of You
If one is a natural athlete or wishes to break a sweat on vacation, there’s possibility to play baseball oneself. Near the entrance to Puerto Penasco, off highway 8, is the Municipal Athletic Fields, hosting pickup games of not only baseball but also soccer and basketball.  This is a great way to meet people, both locals and tourists alike. Visitors will tell you quickly that this is a great venue to spend time!

It’s Easy To Sport a Good Time

Puerto Penasco is happy to share all their events to the benefit of vacation goers. A quick visit to showcases the game schedules of the Tiburones baseball team as well as any community sporting events. You can even use the site to find local shop. While you’re out and about, make sure to pick up some jerseys to support the local teams and show off your Rocky Point flair back home.

FMI Rentals is Your Friend in Mexico

Booking vacations outside of the country needn’t feel alien, with a bit of prep, one can feel like a local and experience other cultures with ease. It’s fortunate that Mexico appreciates baseball as much as American Major Leagues, offering games to cheer, cry, and shout during with friends. Grab your baseball cap, peanuts, and hit the road to an exciting vacation in Rocky Point Mexico!