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Beautify Your Streets in Rocky Point, Mexico

Vote for Prettier Streets

Living in a popular vacation area can be a wonderful experience—getting to meet new people as they experience our beautiful town day after day is a real treat—but there is a big responsibility involved as well. We can’t get lazy and let our streets become barren, plain, and run down. To attract new guests, we need color and style to enhance the vacation of visitors, and nowhere is this more noticeable than on Rocky Point’s version of Rodeo Drive, where local realtor Ellie Balderrama has joined forces with business owners Eddie Wharez and Erick Plata, creating the Beautify Your Street contest.

What Is the Beautify Your Street Contest All About?

The shops along our local Rodeo Drive are filled with beautiful, creative, and unique items, but the buildings that house these items have not lived up to their potential—until recently. When you drive along the street today, you may notice 17 cheerful and colorful murals adorning the walls of the local businesses. These murals were created by 12 artists that live in the area, and we think they really help express the Latin lifestyle we love.

The Beautify Your Streets contest is being conducted in multiple stages. The first stage involved finding businesses willing to have murals painted on them; 17 different businesses agreed to participate. The second stage involved the artists who chose their art according to different themes: regional, ethnic, desert landscapes and plant life landscapes were among the themes chosen, with sponsors helping front the costs. Once the murals were complete, the resulting murals were then photographed and made available online, allowing for a broader voting base.

The voting segment of the contest began on September 7th and came to a close on September 21st, the last day of summer. The winners will soon be announced, with third place earning 4,000 pesos, second place artists receiving 5,000 pesos and the grand prize for the first place mural being 7,000 pesos. In a world where earning money as an artist can be very difficult, these prizes will be very appreciated, as you can well imagine!

A Win for Rocky Point

Everyone is a winner here! The businesses who are receiving the extra attention, the artists who get the opportunity to express themselves in a way that will be viewed by potential buyers all over the world, the tourists who visit every day, and our local residents who are able to live in an area that is bright, colorful, and so very beautiful all benefit from this creative contest.