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Best Christmas Activities and Events in Rocky Point

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the world, and yet it isn’t always the most pleasant time of the year. The temperatures are chilling, the traffic is frightening, and honestly, you work, spend, and work some more, only to have the fun parts over in minutes, leaving you with more work to do! Add in snarky Uncle Gary who sees every get together as an opportunity to spout off his politics, grumpy Aunt Aimee who isn’t happy unless she has something to complain about, and although we have already discussed the temps, slushy streets, cold weather, and gray skies, and you have a recipe for a holiday that doesn’t shine as bright as you would like it to. So, maybe this is the year you will follow your intuition, step outside the box, and revel in a holiday filled with sunny skies, laid-back vibes, and the most delicious (and authentic!) Mexican food in the world! We are, of course, talking about a vacation spent in the most beautiful fishing village in the world, Rocky Point, Mexico, and a stay in one of our FMI Rentals holiday hideaways. This guide to the fun and relaxation you can enjoy this Christmas in Rocky Point may just change the way your holidays look for years to come!

Festive and Bright

Relaxing during the holidays is something we have all gotten away from, and FMI Rentals feel that a Christmas in Rocky Point is the best way to get back to what we all need in our lives! A little rest, a little relaxation, and a whole lot of comfort can add up to make this holiday one you will never forget. Just like at home, the shops, restaurants, and homes in our tranquil fishing village will be decorated for the beautiful season, offering colorful lights and a festive cheer that is one reason that Christmas is one of the world’s most popular holidays. But unlike at home, you can sleep in as late as your children let you, (We would say as late as you want, but it is Christmas, you have children, and there are gifts to be opened!) spend less on gifts, and end every night of your stay with a walk along moonlit beaches. Swimming will probably not be an option, as cold nights and nicely chilled days cause the water temperatures to drop, but as you walk along the sandy beaches, the roar of the waves and the tranquility that accompanies every large body of water will help these nights become the gold standard as to what you will expect from Christmas from here on out!

Joyous and Cheerful Christmas in Rocky Point

Life at the beach has its own ebb and flow, and as you spend your days shopping at Rocky Point’s version of Rodeo Drive, Cholla Mall, (the deals never fail to surprise and please!) enjoying elegant and tasty meals at the Blue Marlin, and just feeling the stresses of real life melt away, you may find yourself humming your favorite Christmas carols! You can’t help but be joyous when sipping margaritas at sunset, and the cheer you will feel from not having to clean for days before the arrival of the extended family will take a long time to dissipate! Wake up to the sun streaming in generously sized winters, gather around the fire pits on cold nights, and re-discover how funny your oldest son is and how beautiful your littlest princess has become seemingly overnight! Christmas holidays with friends are destined to be raucous affairs, with friends wandering in and out during the days, doing their own thing, then coming together each night to play games, watch television, or to reminisce about the old days in between sips of margaritas and gulps of beer! There are no rules to a Christmas in Rocky Point, aside from one: EVERYONE must have the time of their lives, something that is quite easy to do!

At Home with FMI Rentals

Everyone’s idea of the perfect Christmas is different, but one thing that stands true during a Rocky Point holiday is just how nicely our FMI Rentals homes make every Christmas dream come true! High-speed internet in many of our properties allow guests to stream their favorite holiday stations and watch their favorite Christmas movies, either on smart TVs or on the laptops they carried from home. Spacious kitchens add a sense of home and help save money as you bake cookies and prepare the Christmas feast; turkey is always an option even this far from home as Sam’s Club has its own store in town! Comfortable beds and serene bedrooms make sleep come easily and ensure that dreams will be happy ones and on the big day itself, gathering with your family or friends in comfortable living rooms will be the moments you remember most. Reserve your favorite FMI Rentals holiday hideaway today!