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Best Farmers’ Markets in Rocky Point

One of the best places to go in Mexico, Rocky Point has an incredible selection of locally foraged goods and artfully crafted knick-knacks. When you are visiting the city, make sure you stop by and visit one of the locally run farmers’ markets to see all the local vendors in one location. Rocky Point hosts all kinds of local farmers and vendors with fresh vegetables, fruits, and other goods. Here are the best farmers’ markets available in Rocky Point.

Rocky Point Farmers’ Market

The Rocky Point Farmers’ Market has been increasing in size each year as more and more local vendors join in on the fun. The Rocky Point Farmers’ Market is available each Sunday from 8:00am to 1:00pm for hours of fun in the sun. You can find local farmers selling freshly foraged fruits and veggies along with handcrafted breads, oils, dips, spices, and so much more. Butchers will also be available selling natural cuts of meat and more. Rocky Point Artisan Brewers typically are available to let you try out their craft beer for a discount.

The Rocky Point Farmers’ Market may not be as big as the markets available in most big cities, but it should not be ignored. Many locals understand the value of the finds at the market and stop by every week. You will now find even more goods from an incredible selection of local vendors. Join them during your next Rocky Point vacation! You can find the Rocky Point Farmers’ Market at 7 Prince Rd.

Farmers’ Market and Art Expo

The Farmers’ Market and Art Expo is a recently started market that has been happening every week since December. While smaller in scale when compared to the Rocky Point Farmers’ Market you will still find a great selection of local goods and it is one of the best places to go in Mexico. This new event was started up by farmers’ market organizers from Tucson, Arizona and is excited to share the wealth of goods being sold in Rocky Point. This smaller event is perfect for those looking to set up their own tent of goods without previous experience. You can find the Farmers’ Market and Art Expo just outside Don Julio’s where you can enjoy delicious food and beverages before exploring all of the available goods. Check out the Farmers’ Market and Art Expo on select Saturdays in Rocky Point.

Staying with FMI Rentals

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