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Best Local Quick Eats in Rocky Point

A Rocky Point vacation is about as close to perfect as you could imagine. Enjoy long days spent on the beach soaking in the rays of the sun as you eat, drink, and try to pretend that THIS is your real life and the rest was just a bad dream! And even though you know this experience can’t last forever, we’re determined that you should have the time of your lives while you’re here—and that includes eating the best food of our culture. We’ve compiled this list of the best local eats in Rocky Point because we want you to have a magical vacation with memories that will bring a smile to your face decades down the road.

Max’s Restaurant and Bar, Calle 13 S/N, Local 13, Centro

Every town in every state in the world has a place like Max’s, a place where the locals go to eat, drink, and hang out in a casual atmosphere with no pretensions. Famous for their Bloody Marys and their extensive menu that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we’ve yet to have a bad meal during any of our visits, and the smiling faces on the staff makes us feel at home every time!

The Friendly Dolphin, Calle Jose Alcantar 44, El Puerto

What do you get when you combine sweet treats from the sea and delicious Mexican food with a view that doesn’t stop? The answer is the Friendly Dolphin and a VERY pleased palate. Offering Mexican classics with a seafood twist, life is better at the beach and best when spent dining at this local favorite!

Pollo Lucas, Centro, 83550 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

Open every day but Wednesday, Pollo Lucas is where to go when you want the real South of the Border experience! Accepting cash only keeps the prices low, allowing you to eat here as many times as you want without putting a strain on your budget, the menu is simple: chicken, rice, and beans, all flavorful and made even better by the homemade flour tortillas they add to your plate. If heaven had a restaurant, we think it would be Pollo Lucas!

Candy Cake Breakfast and Dessert, alle Lázaro Cárdenas del Río

Eating a hearty breakfast is vital to maintaining good health, and when you try the breakfasts found at Candy Cakes, you may never want to eat lunch or dinner again! The ice cream topped churros may not be the best breakfast choice, but they are so good, we think you can make an exception for your once-in-a-lifetime Rocky Point vacation!

As You Sit on Your Balcony Overlooking the Gulf

You really will feel like you are in paradise, especially as the sun starts to set over the water. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and head out to the balcony and prepare to be awed by Mother Nature’s finest performance. We provide the comfort and style; all you have to do is reserve yours today!