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Best Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food in Rocky Point

Comfort food is always a winner no matter where you vacation. It is the one type of food that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. When traveling, it is important to know where you can find the comfort food that you’ll enjoy. This is particularly true when you are traveling during the winter season. Although Rocky Point is typically a fair-weather traveling destination year-round, it still doesn’t hurt to know where you can get the best down-home comfort food in the region. The following are several of the best restaurants for winter in Rocky Point that you can visit!.

Viva Mexico

In Rocky Point, comfort food consists of staples like traditional street tacos. If you are looking for the best street tacos in Rocky Point, this is one of the best places to visit. Take your pick from al pastor to chicken, beef and shrimp, the street tacos here are hand-made deliciousness. The tortillas are made on-site and pair marvelously with the varied taco fillings. Viva Mexico is a quaint spot with a warm, inviting interior that is perfect for enjoying street tacos with a cool beverage. Viva Mexico maybe quaint, but it is definitely popular, so if you are looking to enjoy these delicious tacos, you may want to get there early for a seat.

Xochitl’s Café

Sometimes taking a little stroll off the beaten path rewards you with delicious Mexican comfort food. Such is the case with this Mexican comfort food gem known as Xochitl’s Café. Some of the popular dishes here include the Huevos Mexicano, chicken tortilla soup and the chilaquiles. The breakfast food here is very popular amongst both locals and tourists alike. This café is located in Cholla Bay, so it is a bit of a distance for some. However, the opportunity to eat good Mexican food prepared from scratch is well worth the trip. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants for winter food in Rocky Point!

Book a Stay to Dine at The Best Restaurants for Winter Food in Rocky Point

There is a saying that if you want the authentic traveling experience, go where the locals go. When it comes to tacos, Tacos Chuy is the taco for those that live in Rocky Point. This place is not glamorous. The prices are affordable, and most importantly, the tacos are considered to be some of the best in Rocky Point. From the carne asada tacos to the “vampiros,” which are the carne asada quesadillas, the meat is prepared to perfection. You can taste the charcoal flavor when you bite into the tacos. There are even vegetarian options available.

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