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Best Views in Rocky Point

Vacationers traveling to Rocky Point can expect to experience one exciting trip during their stay. From the beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and delicious restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone to experience. Rocky Point also offers incredible views that will create a memorable experience for you and your family. Here are the best views in Rocky Point to check out during your next adventurous getaway.

Playa Bonita Beach

You and your family can enjoy one of Rocky Point’s finest beaches, Play Bonita Beach. This local favorite is located just north of the Bella Vista district and is frequented for its activities. During the week you can enjoy this public beach when the majority of the tourist crowd is not in town. The beach is kept clean, with local vendors on hand to make sure you are fed as well. At the Playa Bonita Beach, you can experience some of the best views of the local sea with a relaxing walk down the sand. The beach is open just in time for sunrise in the morning and late enough to enjoy the spectacular views of sunset.

From Your Beachside Rental

A beachside rental would not be called such a thing if it didn’t offer incredible views of the Sea of Cortez. Our luxury vacation rentals at FMI Rentals offer comfortable housing options that overlook the crystal, blue waters. Each rental is just a quick walk away from the beach, allowing you and your family incredible views at any time of day. You can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset with the sun setting behind the beautiful waters. You can also enjoy fellow vacationers hitting the waves on their best surfboard for exciting water sporting. Get a vacation rental that lets you enjoy the views from your very window.

Views from Under the Water

Not all incredible views are from the beach; some can also be from under the sea! Rocky Point offers a variety of snorkeling services that allow you and your family to experience the incredible views of the underwater wildlife. The local marine life and coral collections will give you a view to never forget. Several of the local beaches allow snorkeling, including Sandy Beach, Tucson Beach, Golden Beach, Cholla Beach, and many more. Snorkeling businesses such as Rocky Point Boat Charters and Santiago’s Ocean Services will make sure you are kept safe and take you around to beaches with the best views from under the water.

Rocky Point is amazing and definitely not something to miss! Book your vacation now!