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Enjoy fish and other delicious food this Memorial Day in Rocky Point

Book Your 2021 Memorial Day Getaway to Rocky Point

As you begin to make plans for a Memorial Day extravaganza, somewhere far away from the home in which you have spent far too much time in during the last 12 months of your life, you may be limiting yourself without even realizing! Your search for the perfect escape has had you exploring your options from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again, but have you considered heading south for the weekend? Rocky Point, known as Puerto Peñasco by the natives, offers a tropical paradise that is easily reached, especially by those who live on the West Coast. Featuring sandy beaches, Gulf waters, and palm trees that really do sway in the sea breezes, a south of the border adventure and a stay with FMI Rentals can be just what you need to make this Memorial Day in Rocky Point one you will never forget!

Designed for Comfort

Our FMI Rentals holiday hideaways are designed with the needs of todays travelers in mind, offering comfort, style, and in many cases a glimpse or two of the Sea of Cortez! Choose a happy home on the beach and celebrate Memorial Day with a seaside barbecue made that much more pleasant under the early summer sunshine that dominates the region. Interiors are cool and bright and feature fully equipped kitchens, living areas that are colorful and comfortable, and bedrooms that you may find yourself eyeing wistfully when you first walk in the door. Naps are one of the great luxuries in life, something there will be plenty of opportunities to experience during this holiday weekend, but first, let’s finish our tour! Some of our properties offer rooftop patios with views that will take your breath away, so you can head up to see what awaits, and because others offer Jacuzzi tubs and private pools, you can also choose to head out!

The best part of a stay with us, however, is learning that our attention to detail practically guarantees to make your Memorial Day jaunt south of the border stand out, especially as you examine the choices FMI Rentals offers! Looking for something a little less grand and a little more inexpensive? Even the small and cozy condos offered by FMI Rentals will give you that something extra that makes you feel luxurious and spoiled! Access to community pools, patios with views that will make you smile, and state of the art electronics that you may not spend much time enjoying but will definitely make your stay brighter when you do! Compact does not have to mean cramped, and as the bright Mexico sun fills each space with light, our guests will find themselves feeling that these spaces are just right!

Good Times South of the Border This Memorial Day in Rocky Point

If you had decided to stay home this Memorial Day Weekend, you would expect to be sleeping in late, barbecuing on the deck, swimming in your pool if you have one, and probably playing your favorite 80s classic rock to enhance the experience, but what can you expect during your escape to the south? All the above, plus so much more, of course! Sleeping in late is a luxury in real life, but the silky soft sheets and comfortable beds make it almost commonplace and definitely expected as you play hard all day and climb into bed each night ready to drift away to dreamland! Most of our properties offer barbecues on their decks, but maybe instead of charring your favorite meats, this getaway will have you grilling the sweet and delicious fish you caught during one of your Rocky Point fishing adventures. We also offer pools in some of the larger properties, but even if yours doesn’t feature this amenity, the Sea of Cortez is in your backyard, and spending hours frolicking in the surf promises to be the part you remember most! Whole house sound systems allow you to rock the days away, being mindful of the neighbors, of course!, and when your journey to Mexico is completed, you can look back on this weekend and realize that your all-American celebration south of the border was a complete success!

Safe and Secure

The things we looked for in a vacation rental just 12 months ago are not the same as what we need today; the pandemic changed everything and we at FMI Rentals have kept up with the trends. Our properties have always been clean, but today we sanitize and disinfect your health and safety. The world has changed but our commitment to our guests remains strong and unchanged! Every day is a new adventure in Rocky Point, and we want to make sure you’re your adventures are happy, exciting, and safe! Reserve your FMI Rentals Memorial Day escape today and spend your weekend making memories that will linger.