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As you stare out your window onto a landscape covered in snow, one that no longer seems as beautiful as it did on Christmas Eve, the only thing grayer than your mood may be the sky that looms overhead. The winter months after Christmas and New Year’s feel like they are dragging on forever, and you find yourself wishing that the summer months would get here that much sooner. Well, we at FMI Rentals can’t make the clock speed up any faster, but we can provide a bright spot in the midst of gloomy winter days, simply by suggesting that you book your 2022 summer getaway now! How does that help, is a question you may be saying out loud as you read this, and we promise, as crazy as it may sound, just the simple act of scrolling through the pictures on our website can bring a ray of sunshine into your life. But that’s not the only reason booking now will bring brightness into your life, there are other reasons that ensure this winter may not be shortened, but it will feel as if it is passing much sooner than ever before!

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Spend Less for More

What if we told you that by booking now, it will cost you less to enjoy your Rocky Point summer escape? We don’t raise our prices at FMI Rentals the closer to the season it gets, but we do offer a discount for those who choose to book early! Just imagine, you can spend a few minutes of your slow time at work basking in the sun (figuratively scrolling through the pictures of our homes, dreaming about laying on the beach in your brand new bikini, and when it is time to get back to the job that pays for your getaway, with the clicking of a few keys, the beginning of your summer plans will have started! All the comforts of our FMI Rentals, all those amazing views, the sunsets that make Rocky Point one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the world, will be yours for less than what you would have spent if you waited a few months longer! Can there be any better reason to book now? Of course, and we will tell you all about it below!

Get the Property You Want

As you are looking through the pictures of our homes, chances are there will be one property that causes your heart to skip a beat. As you click on each picture of every room in the house, one click will have you picturing yourself sitting on that rooftop terrace lifting a margarita to the setting of the sun. Another click and you can imagine your children sleeping in those bunks, their cherubic, yet slightly sunburned faces smiling in their sleep. And yet another click has you feeling how your body will sink into the totally nappable couch in the living room of the home that made you gasp in delight. Not every property can be your dream home come true and if you don’t want to risk losing out on all that perfection on your screen, clicking that book now button will ensure that six (or more) months from today, you will be making margaritas in our fully equipped kitchens, lazing by the pool during the heat of the day, and sleeping like a baby in the cloud soft beds of the home of your dreams!

Did It Work?

Remember that time (just a few paragraphs ago!) when we told you that booking your summer escape early would bring a ray of sunshine into your very gloomy day? Don’t be afraid to admit that it worked, that while you were dreaming, looking at pictures, and finally choosing to click the bright green Book Now button on the FMI Rentals vacation home of your dreams! For a few minutes, the sun was beating down on your back, you could feel the cool tiles against your bare feet, and the margarita in your hand was a frosty delight. When you continued to read and discovered that you could spend less on your favorite escape, the smile on your face could warm up the coldest days of winter in your hometown. These summer moments are just a few of the reasons you chose FMI Rentals and because we offer so much more, your escape south of the border really will be a vacation dream come true!

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Come Home to FMI Rentals for a Rocky Point Summer Escape

Every home we offer provides the rest, relaxation, comfort, and style that will bring sunshine into your heart! Reserve your favorite, being sure to book now, and discover a paradise that will change the way you vacation forever!