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Enjoy tequila and more this Valentine’s Day in Rocky Point

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As we finally recover from the end-of-the-year holidays, in the back of our minds we are already looking forward to the most romantic holiday of the year. Valentine’s Day may not involve any extra days off, and generally the weather is not the friendliest in these waning days of winter, but you still want to do something special for your partner in everything and have been thinking that you should take a few days off and go somewhere where the snow isn’t falling. If you really want to show your favorite person exactly how much they mean to you, a visit to the beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico and a stay in one of our lovely rental properties will bring your relationship to the next level of wonderful! This guide to the perfection of a Valentine’s Day in Rocky Point will give you a clear picture of the most romantic vacation you have ever experienced!

Those Quiet Moments

The moments of peace, quiet, and companionship can be the most memorable moments of all and starting every day of your Mexico getaway with a walk along the sandy beaches is the perfect example. Wake up before the sun and watch night turn to day as you walk arm in arm, huddling close together for a little extra warmth and romance and as the magic of Mother Nature’s greatest performance lights up the sky, your flame for each other will burn brighter!

A Gift for Your Greatest Treasure

The trip itself is a wonderful gift, but your love deserves a little something extra, and the shops of Rocky Point offer incredible bargains and unique gift giving opportunities! A colorful piece of pottery picked up at Curios Sofia Pottery Shop, a shiny silver bracelet snagged from Gaby’s Silver Jewelry, or acquiring art from the Rocky Point Gallery; the journey from store to store will be a wonderful part of the gift shopping experience, guaranteeing that your love will never forget this trip!

A Walk on the Wild Side

In the crowded moments of real life, we often forget to take any time to ourselves to let our hair down, and your Rocky Point Valentine’s Day getaway is the perfect time to remind both of you of the benefits of a good time! The Tequila Factory is our favorite place to escape when life gets to be a bit too much, and as you sample the taste of all the different tequilas they make in this amazing shop, laughter, conversations, and tequila offer the perfect accompaniment to the love you share. If you purchase a few bottles to remind you of the fun you had during your stay with us, all the better!

A Romantic Dinner for Two

The old adage about the quickest way to your heart is true for both of you, and a romantic dinner in Rocky Point will guarantee a beautiful Valentine’s Day is in your future! For those who want to prove that they can still offer surprises after all the years they have been together, a meal at Pane e Vino, an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Rocky Point! Offering a delicious menu filled with your favorite Italian dishes, the surprise of dining Italian while staying South of the Border is destined to be a happy one. If your romance is filled with magic and whimsy, a dinner at Moo Steakhouse will be the perfect fit, offering steaks, cocktails, ocean views, and uniquely delicious donut burgers! And finally, for a more traditional Mexican dining experience, Mare Blue never fails to impress, with its seafood-centric menu of Mexican favorites and patio dining that allows for unobstructed views of the sun setting over the sea.

A Rocky Point Sunset

Just as you started your day with a walk along sandy beaches at sunrise, ending the day with another walk on the beach as the sun dips into the sea in a flaming ball of color promises to be the highlight of your Rocky Point experience! A Rocky Point sunset is world famous, and as you watch the sequel to Mother Nature’s greatest show, your love for the man or woman who walks beside you will reach greater heights!

The Love Nest of Your Dreams for Valentine’s Day in Rocky Point

Romantic dreams can come true when you choose FMI Rentals for your south of the border love nest! Offering creature comforts and luxuries large and small, every minute spent with us promises to be the romantic moments you will never forget. Enjoy margaritas on rooftop decks, make up a batch of homemade guacamole in our fully equipped kitchens, and share secrets, dreams, and hopes for the future in romantic moments that are proof that dreams can come true. Reserve your favorite FMI Rentals love nest today!