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Enjoy a Thanksgiving in Rocky Point

Book Your Thanksgiving Stay in Rocky Point

The best holidays are often NOT the ones you spend at home with extended family. Too many years you spend too much time, money, and effort trying to please everyone from your sweet youngest child who is eager to please you to cranky Uncle Harold who is only happy when he has something to be unhappy about! And after a rough couple of years, we think 2022 should be the year in which you shed all the expectations you have about the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, and run as fast as you can to the beaches of Rocky Point and our comfortable and welcoming FMI Rentals holiday hideaways! Of course, you want to bring your immediate family, because at the end of every holiday, all the traditions, all the excess, all the excitement is made all that much better because you do it for them. This guide to Thanksgiving in Rocky Point will give you something to anticipate and a much needed break before the real rush of Christmas begins!

Embrace the Differences This Thanksgiving in Rocky Point

Of course we know that Thanksgiving evolved from that first dinner with the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, and we also know that the event didn’t happen in Mexico, so you have to expect there will be differences. You can still watch the big parade—it is streamed live—and if the televisions in your holiday hideaway aren’t smart ones, you can watch it on your laptop, just at a different time! And just because there was turkey at that first feast, it doesn’t mean your feast has to have a big bird as its star attraction. In today’s day and age, we are all learning to love the cozy comforts of a hearty Mexican meal, and you can believe that the restaurants (ALL of which will be open on Thursday, November 24th!) will be offering the tastiest and most authentic dishes. Latitude 31 is known for their huge portions and spicy goodness, and the cheerful Mexican décor will make you feel comfortable and at home. When it comes time for dessert, you won’t miss pumpkin pie at all after your first taste of fried ice cream!

When the feast is complete and it is time to start checking out the Black Friday sales, well, there won’t be any in Rocky Point, but we can assure you that the prices on most wares are already so low, your bank account will give a loud cheer! Our version of Rodeo Drive never fails to impress, offering a charming selection of jewelry stores, pottery shops, and so much more along the old road to Cholla Bay, ensuring that you will be very thankful for the washer and dryer found in many of our FMI Rentals that allowed you to pack light and save room for gifts and souvenirs! And finally, the biggest change you can expect from your time in the sun is just that: time in the sun with temperatures that allow you to wear shorts, tees, and flip flops every day of your stay! The water may be a little too chilly for many people, but we often see Northerners frolicking in the surf all the way through January, so if you have thick blood and an appetite for water activities, adding a day at the beach to your Thanksgiving itinerary is encouraged!

Enjoy the Things That Stay the Same

First and foremost, the one part of your life that never changes is the love you have for your family, and because they have traveled across the miles with you, they will be by your side as you celebrate this holiday of thanks. Sam’s Club is in Rocky Point now, so if you really like to cook, our kitchens are designed to bring the fun back to your cooking experiences and you can easily purchase a turkey to cook and devour. Large dining room tables are the perfect spots to eat, chat, and make merry, but you could take the meal outside and let the beauty of the Sea of Cortez add a serene ambience to your meal! This isn’t exactly a change to your normal Thanksgiving meal, instead it is more of a tweaking the tradition, and it is a tweaking we doubt that anyone will mind!

We mentioned earlier that because the big parade in New York City is live streamed, you can also watch it, just not at breakfast like you would back home and again, because we offer high-speed internet in many if not most of our holiday hideaways, you can use it to stream your favorite holiday stations, singing along to Christmas carols as you go about your Thanksgiving business, or even doing a little online shopping with a margarita in hand and the Sea of Cortez providing its own version of holiday music!

Book your favorite FMI Rentals holiday escape today and discover how much you will have to be thankful for when you add travel to your Thanksgiving traditions!