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Enjoy a great mojito at these Rocky Point restaurants

Casual Dining Spots in Rocky Point

Imagine, for a moment, sitting upon a comfortable chair, with the sun beating down upon you with the sound of crashing waves filling your ears. You look out over the sea which stretches into a beyond that might as well be infinite. This is an image that is sure to make many of us earn for the chance to experience it firsthand. Well, there is no better place to experience the beach, sun and all that the tropics hold then Rock Point, Mexico! So, join us as we explore some of the best Rocky Point restaurants to have a casual meal, enjoy the views of the ocean, and truly have a moment of serenity in the sandy shores of Mexico.

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Seafood and More at These Rocky Point Restaurants

Considering we are in Mexico, it goes without saying that a great deal of what you’ll find dotted around the beach and area will be the cuisine of the area. However, you won’t be finding your Taco Bell or Chipotle; instead, you will be getting the real deal with authentic Mexican food and trust us when we say you won’t ever be looking for a new place to try! However, if you do you might want to check out La Casa Del Capitan, who offers a wide variety of excellent dishes and seafood. You’d find your classics such as mouthwatering chili rellenos, fresh fish tacos, and coconut shrimp! However, while the food is sure to have you thinking back upon it in wishful yearning, the patio is the real gem which hosts a phenomenal view of the oceans blue with the occasional whale rearing its mighty head to say hello for moment.

If you haven’t had your fill of seafood though, you might want to head on down to El Oktopus, who are well known for large portions and fresh seafood. You’ll find some classics such as clam chowder, however you’ll also see some unique local dishes as well such as octopus quesadillas! Not to mention they have a full bar, as well as an excellent view which provides a perfect view of the painted sky as the sun begins its tired decent. Imagine sitting at your table, looking out over the sea which is such a deep blue that it looks as if it’s made of sapphires, with palm trees overhead covering, and protecting you as you sip a mojito and feel your body relaxing. Or you can always just focus on attempting to devour your plate of delicious nachos, the sheer amount of which your stomach had underestimated.

If your fishy craving is still unsatisfied, though who can blame you, after all you might as well get your fill while the freshest of the fresh is still so easily available, then head on down to Mary’s Seafood Restaurant! With a full bar, and plenty of outside seating, Mary’s is sure to become a regular stopping point as it has for so many others! You’ll be hard pressed to find better scallops, grilled shrimp and oysters, flounder, and garlic shrimp! However, if you’ve had your fill of seafood, don’t worry, as they also have a wide selection of non-seafood items such as chicken fajitas, carne asada quesadillas, and more! Not to mention the fantastic views you will be gifted with while you dine and enjoy a true taste of Mexico. However, if this doesn’t catch your fancy, there are still plenty of places you can try.

Our final seafood restaurant is Chango’s Bar, which is sure to satisfy any final overwhelming desires you might have for the seafood the areas known for. You’ll find carnivale samplers with an assortment of fish and shrimp, you’ll even find Boston shrimp which are wrapped in bacon for an extra bit of flavor! You’ll also find a lovely platter with an assortment of shrimp and octopus! Not to mention the outside pool, perfect for quickly cooling off after a day under the tropical sun!

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Mexican Food and Beyond

Getting a bit away from seafood, let us continue our exploration by visiting Tacos El Molcajete which of course has your usual seafood, but it has a surprisingly large variety of tradition cuisine as well! You’ll find a large selection of fajitas ranging from steak to chicken, to shrimp. You’ll find a wide variety of nachos, such as nachos supreme which comes with just about everything, creating a towering behemoth that anyone would feel miniscule before. You’ll also find a variety of tacos, burritos, enchiladas and Molcajete! As well, you’ll find a wide selection of different proteins for all of these, and specialty creations that are sure to cause your curiosity to rise. Not to mention, all of this with the typical awe-inspiring views of the ocean that huge the town.

We are going to end this journey on a bit of a different note. While many would expect to find a variety of different Mexican restaurants, few would ever think to find German food so far from home. However, Kaffeehaus does just that with a large selection of German cuisine that is sure to ignite not only curiosity, but a ferocious hunger within. You’ll find a variety of different items such as omelets, pancakes, pork schnitzel, chilaquiles, banana cake and more! They even have a bakery that provides a selection of pastries, brownies, lemon desserts and more! However, this little find even provides a wide selection of various coffees for you to try from your classic drip coffee to a warm comforting late. Kaffeehaus truly is the perfect place if you are looking to “toss things up” a bit.

As you can see, here at Rocky Point you aren’t only going to find a beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, and warm relaxing weather, but also some phenomenal food that anyone would crave long after trying. However, just remember this is just a fraction of the dozens of places you’ll find tucked away in this coastal town. So, if you’re looking for some more suggestions, or even more info on places discussed here then make sure you enquire with FMI Rentals at 602-288-8609 or book your stay online today!