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Enjoy a Rocky Point Easter you'll never forget

Celebrate Easter In Rocky Point, Mexico

Of all the major holidays, Easter is the most laidback. Requiring nothing more than some sunrise observances, chocolate, and time spent with our families feasting and enjoying each other’s company, this special day is perhaps one of our favorites! And even though Easter isn’t typically considered a traveling holiday, we think that the laid back vibe makes it the perfect holiday to explore the world out there beyond the limits of your hometown, and a visit to Rocky Point is where we think you should start your journey. Offering an easygoing ambience that matches the holiday and the chance to soak up some sunlight that has been sadly lacking in your northern hometown lately, the only thing better than an Easter vacation South of the Border is an Easter vacation spent in the comfort of our FMI Rentals holiday hideaways! This guide to the fun you can have, both inside our homes and outside in the town, will ensure that your Rocky Point Easter escape will be filled with magical moments you will never forget!

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Sunrise, Sunset

The sunrise service is a traditional part of the Easter holiday and is something you can participate in during your visit to Rocky Point, you may find yourself wanting to observe the sunrise from a different perspective. Feeling close to the heavens is easy when you enjoy a sunrise stroll along water’s edge! Dig your toes into the soft sands and turn your eyes skyward, watching the dark skies lighten as the glorious ball of fire rises higher and higher on the horizon. These pre and post-dawn moments offer a quiet peace that speaks to your soul and when you find yourself needing a “booster” the sun setting into the sea at the end of every day does just the job! The fire in the sky, morning and evening, has been known to draw applause from all onlookers and on Easter it will be appreciated even more.

Sweeten the Celebration

For children there are certain aspects of Easter that should never be skipped and awakening to a full basket of sweet treats and Easter prizes is one of those things! Every kid waits eagerly for the chance to tear into their pastel basket of goodies and while you could pack all the necessities into your carryon, we think a visit to Dulceria Rubio’s is always a good idea! Offering all the candies you know and love and many that your kiddo may enjoy trying for the first time, Dulceria Rubio’s has become a local Easter tradition that will become your new obsession!

Hoppy Feaster

Our favorite part of almost any holiday is the meal that often is the center of the celebration and although you may not find any Easter brunches in town, the restaurants that will be open will definitely give you cause to celebrate! Enjoy a sweet breakfast at Candy Cake Breakfast and Dessert (their waffles will make your mouth water), savor a delicious lunch at Rosy’s Restaurant, or devour a dinner from Chef Mickey’s Place as you celebrate this most beautiful holiday of the year!

Get Close to Nature

Of course the most important part of the holiday is the people we celebrate with and what better way to enjoy each other’s company than by spending a few lazy hours at the beach? Easter falls on April 17th this year and our average temperatures can actually get up near 70 degrees, so slip into your favorite swimsuit, grab your gear, and get closer to nature in one of the most tranquil places in the world, the beaches of Rocky Point. Feeling the sun beat down on your shoulders after months spent in the cold and gray, enjoy a picnic feast as the water crashes against the shore, and if the banana boats are up and running, laugh out loud as you ride the waves with your favorite people! The holidays are about family and whether you spend this one in a church or at the beach, magic will be found in the ones you share the day with!

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Celebrate in our Holiday Hideaways

Our FMI Rentals properties only become the homes they wish to be when your families reside within, so why not enjoy all the comforts of home as you celebrate in your vacation home away from home? Hide colorful eggs for your children to find, stay up late preparing baskets that will be filled with their favorite treats, sip wine as you watch the sun set over the horizon, and enjoy an Easter feast prepared in our fully equipped kitchens! Every minute spent under the roofs of our homes will be the best ones as you, your kids, and friends laugh, love, and dine in comfort and style that can only be brought to you by FMI Rentals. Reserve your favorite escape today!