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Cet Mar Aquarium

The coasts in Puerto Penasco, Mexico cover over 110 kilometers of beautiful beaches and is a natural habitat for thousands of types of marine life and species who depend on this stretch of beach for life. Declared an official ecological reserve in an effort to help preserve the encompassing waters and land, much of the marine life that calls these beaches home are officially endangered. Some of the beaches including La Cholla, Playa de Oro, El Mirador, Las Conchas, and Playa Bonita are home to small snails, all kinds of colorful, beautiful sea shells, small crabs and sea cucumbers which can be found among the rocks brought up by the crashing waves. Sea stars, different kinds of shrimp, sea anemone and other small animals find shelter along these shores.

In an effort to help encourage the preservation and appreciation of these beautiful sea creatures, the CET MAR Aquarium (Sea Technological Studies Center and Aquarium) provides an additional home for the many types of fish, sea horses, sting rays, oysters, turtles, seals, sea cucumbers, and many other sea creatures. They strive as a center to not only provide a home for many of these creatures but to offer a means for visitors to learn more about the natural surrounding ecosystems and the animals that depend on the health of the nearby land and sea for survival. This beautiful aquarium center has a large interactive section which allows visitors to feed and pet seals or turtles or touch sea anemones, sea stars, and other forms of sea life.

The Sea Technological Studies Studies Center also has a turtle farm where visitors can see newborn baby turtles including the loggerhead turtle and observe them as they learn and grow.

This aquarium is perfectly located near some of the most beautiful beaches, so if you’re planning a trip to the area, it’s a great opportunity to stop in and take a break from the heat while enjoying some of the amazing sea life up close and personal and learning more about their habits as a family. Located on Las Conchas Beach right next to the nearby sea, the aquarium center is open Monday through Friday from 10 in the morning until 2:30 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or bought the day of and can be bought in group amounts of individual tickets.