Hotel Versus Rental

The top places in Mexico to vacation include both hotels and rentals. Both of these will take care of your needs, but in different ways. The decision between hotel and rental is nuanced, and this guide will make sure you are prepared to make the best informed decision.

Welcome to the Hotel

A Rocky Point hotel is great in the sense that they are standardized and reliable; you know what you get. In general, it’s easy to get a room unless it’s peak season. Rooms vary in size based on how large of a room you want, or in some case, you might have to get multiple rooms foyour family.

A good word to describe hotels is safe; as is the case with standardization, you can generally trust in a level of upkeep and service. The rooms will be clean, but unless you go for a particularly high end hotel, the rooms may be underwhelming in style.

The pros of hotels in Rocky Point, Mexico, aren’t bad. Hotel means amenities, so depending on where you stay you may get a fitness center, sauna, a store in the lobby, a concierge to take care of you, and maybe even a great restaurant and bar – all this depends on which hotel.

The Individual Rental

In contrast to the hotel is the vacation rental. Mexico hosts many homes that are only used by their owners once in awhile, and rented out otherwise. This can mean a lot of benefit for the renter, as the vacation rentals Mexico offers can have a special life to them. As opposed to standardized hotels, vacation rentals will likely have a unique atmosphere that you won’t find twice. The vacation rentals also vary in size, but you won’t have to rent a chain of rooms for your family, as if you have that many people you can just get a house.

Some things to be aware of with vacation rentals is that you don’t have staff on hand, which means you have to clean up yourself. If you need something done, there’s no room service and you may have to venture into town. But along the same lines, due to their not being such a large upfront cost to dote on guest, you can potentially snag a better rate.

Take Your Pick

The choice is yours when it comes to hotels or rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico. Depending on your styles, one will likely speak to you more. Take your pick and know there is no wrong decision.