Two Great Options

If you’ve been tracking our articles so far, you’ll know there’s a difference between the opportunity of a Rocky Point resort and the benefits of vacations homes. To make things easy for you, we have created an informative line up of the difference between Mexico all-inclusive resorts and individual rental options. Let’s begin the journey!

Streamline Efficacy and the Cost

Booking is especially easy with Rocky Point resorts; all-inclusive resorts especially excel at service. However, when handling a vacation home, there are more items to discuss due to the variety and uniqueness of the properties available. If you are working with a vacation rental agency, things will be more expedited than working with owners individually, but they will still take a bit longer than a resort experience – but then again, you pay for that speed and don’t get quite the same character found in individual owner homes – more on that later.

Amenities and Service

You can’t get away from these, it always comes down to amenities. Rocky Point resorts will of course pamper you, and if you are at an all-inclusive Rocky Point resort, you can count on there not being one amenity lacking. We are talking full service spas, trending technologies in your room, and the liveliest of bars. Resorts are a mini paradise where you don’t need to do anything yourself.

The vacation homes you may find in Rocky Point don’t offer amenities in excess like resorts do. Just like resorts, you need to look up the amenities by location, but you shouldn’t expect vacation homes to in general have any more amenities than a general house or nice home owners association.

Where the Party’s At

If you are at a Rocky Point vacation home, you likely will need to go into town for some activities. You may have a beach outside your house, but unless your neighborhood has a clubhouse, town is where to turn up. In contrast, Resorts bring the party to you; their restaurants, bars, and clubs mean it takes no effort to experience a great time. However, sometime the vacation experience is appreciated in the process of living. For example, the actual experience of Rocky Point is found in its environment, not in the unrealistic providence of inclusive resorts. So there are some more pros and cons.

The Warmth of Vacation Rental

As with resorts, the best places to stay in Mexico are all around you, but in a vacation home you might find a new best experience for yourself. The best word to describe vacation rentals is character; it’s not just one of many nice rooms, it’s a unique house with a design and décor different from others nearby. If this type of thing isn’t for you, go for a resort stay – the security of knowing what you’ll be getting has a great appeal and is the best option for some.

The Choice is Yours

Now you know some of the difference in experiences between a resort and vacation rentals, allowing you to move forward based on what sounds most like you. Neither is better than the other, it’s all preference!