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Enjoy seafood this Spring Break in Rocky Point

Consider Rocky Point for an Upcoming Spring Break Getaway Trip

Even as it seems that the winter holidays have just ended, it is already time to start planning your upcoming Spring Break getaway! The first three months of the new year are usually pretty much a letdown, with gray skies, cold temps, and nothing but work to relieve the monotony, so if you are lucky enough to enjoy a Spring Break vacation, we urge you to take advantage of it, even if you aren’t a college student celebrating his or her freedom. Even families like to get away for a few carefree days at the end of the winter season, and although Rocky Point is known to be a college Spring Break destination spot, it also manages to be a family escape that will be enjoyed by travelers of all ages—especially when you choose FMI Rentals for your soft space to land after a long day of south of the border adventures. This guide to the unicorn Spring Break in Rocky Point, one in which everyone will find joy, happiness, and excitement, will give you even more reasons to be counting day to your days of freedom!

Daytime Adventures for the Family

As the sun shines down on your pale winter skin, you may find it a little too cold to go swimming. The water temps are generally in the high 50s, but that still shouldn’t stop you from planning at least one beach day during your stay! The kids can build sandcastles at shore’s edge, (Don’t be surprised if they still manage to get soaked, in spite of the chill; it’s a kid’s thing!) parents can spend some of their vacation minutes walking along the beach, holding hands and talking about their plans for the future, and all of you can enjoy a picnic lunch on the square of sand you have staked out as your own. If the water isn’t too cold for you, the banana boats are always a fun idea, or you could rent a boat and skim the surface of the sea, stopping to fish off the side or simply to revel in the peace and tranquility the Sea of Cortez brings to all visitors. The feel of the boat gently bobbing in the waters, the sounds of waves lightly slapping against its sides, and the sight of the sun glistening against the surf will all combine to make sure these moments are never forgotten.

When hunger pangs begin to indicate dinnertime is nigh, families with picky eaters may worry that their kiddos won’t appreciate the foreign foods, but a visit to Al Capone’s Seafood and Pizzeria will ensure that there will be no children going to bed hungry! Offering fresh and delicious seafood, and the very recognizable and delicious pizzas, there is destined to be dishes that will appeal to all members of your traveling party.

Nighttime Adventures for Adults Only

Spring Break isn’t just for families with children, of course, it’s for travelers from all demographics of life. Retirees may seek the warm sun and the inexpensive costs of a tropical escape to the sea, and single, childless, and adventure seeking adults may want to relive the Spring Break of their college days, and the nighttime is when Rocky Point shines! Offering a variety of bars and nightclubs that open early and stay open into the wee hours of the morning, you can party like a 21 year old as long as your body lets you! Wrecked at the Reef is the most well known of Rocky Point bars, opening early, closing late, and providing live music, delicious food, and views of the beach that will linger in your heart for years to come. Elixir Bar, only open on weekends from 8 PM until 3 AM, is often the site for the best parties on the beach, as is the Ice House Bar & Nightclub, a favorite for Spring Breakers of all ages!

A Soft Space to Land This Spring Break in Rocky Point

No matter if you are traveling with your kids, your friends, or your favorite human, having a soft space to land at the end of a long day of adventures is vital to the success of your Spring Break getaway, and as always, FMI Rentals provides! Choose a home or condo on the beach and keep the serenity and tranquility of the Sea of Cortez at close hand. Spend your evenings playing games, enjoying impromptu picnics on rooftop decks, or barbecue pool parties in the privacy of a fenced-in yard. Sleep deep and long in comfortable beds, make your kids favorite meals in fully equipped kitchens, and raise a toast to another stunning sunset from your perch on the porch of any of our homes; your Rocky Point Spring Break getaway is destined to make memories you will cherish forever! Reserve your favorite today!