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Enjoy the sunset adn more on your list of Rocky Point hot spots

Date Night Hotspots in Rocky Point

As the year progresses, good things are beginning to happen in the world around us, and you, being the intelligent travelers that you are, have decided to celebrate with a south of the border sojourn to the always wonderful Rocky Point! Puerta Peñasco (as it is known in Mexico) is always up for a good time, and since you will be traveling with your favorite traveling partner, chances are you will be seeking out some fun places to enjoy on your Mexican version of a date night. Well, your good fortune continues as you chose FMI Rentals for your honeymoon hideaway, and this guide to our favorite Rocky Point hot spots will ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with fun, laughter, and romance!

As You Might Expect

The nightlife in Rocky Point is hopping, guaranteeing that your options for a good night out will be plentiful! Enjoy the ultra-chic night spot, Elixir, and dance the night away under neon lights. Offering bottle service, two-for-one drinks for the ladies, and the smooth moves of four different DJs playing the hottest music, your night out at Elixir will be one to remember. For those who believe in the party charms of a really awesome tequila, the Tekila Bar has exactly what you are looking for! Offering a HUGE selection of tequila, great food, and a party patio with views of the Sea of Cortez, the Tekila Bar is fast becoming our favorite party spot. And finally, Manny’s Beach Club is for the diehards who come back year after year, hitting the same spots and having the most amazing times of all. This classic hot spot offers a casually fun time that many people do not remember the next day; the tequila runs fast and furious at Manny’s!

The Best Night Out

The best nights out with your love always begin with a special dinner and your stay in Rocky Point will be no different! The Point Restaurant, located on the water, offers sunset views, delicious food, and a romantic atmosphere that makes it difficult to leave at the end of your meal! So why not draw it out as far as you can? Start your meal with a tropical drink and a delicious shrimp cocktail and share a couple of entrees from the main menu, being sure to savor every bite! The Point at Rocky Point offers an international menu that includes burgers, fresh seafood, and your favorite Mexican dishes add to the wonder of the evening by complimenting your love frequently!

That Sunset, Though

The hottest spots do not always have to cost you a lot of money, sometimes the best date nights can involve nothing more than a walk to the beach at sunset. Spread out a blanket, bring along a little something to sip, and sit back and watch Mother Nature’s finest show! Be sure to remember to take your eyes off your beautiful bride in time to watch the kaleidoscope of color as the sun sinks into the sea, or you might be a little disappointed! Of course, if you want to add to the romance of the moment, the Sunset Cruise Boat Senorita Rita offers just what you need to take your night to the next level of wonderful. The Senorita Rita heads out to open waters offering an evening of beauty and romance that includes an open bar and lasts for two hours!

A Sip of Wine At These Rocky Point Hot Spots

Now you may be surprised that tequila is not the only star of the Mexican landscape in Puerta Penasco; El Tapeo Wine Bar offers a delicious selection of your favorite grapes as well as a full menu of comida to enjoy along with the vino! The live entertainment is always a treat and the wine bottle Christmas tree should be on our life goal lists at home; you can save the environment, drink wine, and make something pretty. It just does not get any better than this!


You won’t have to venture far to find the absolute hottest date night spot in all of Rocky Point. As a matter of fact, you will be sitting, sleeping, and relaxing in it during your stay! Yes, our FMI Rentals vacation villas, cottages, and condos, are all about proving that staying in is the new way to party! Whip together your favorite tropical drinks in our fully equipped kitchens, toss some appetizers in the oven, and turn the music to full romance! A patio with comfortable seating will more than likely offer romantic views of the sunset (especially if you choose one of our beachfront rentals) and your partner in love will make these moments the ones you will never forget. Reserve yours today!