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A Day Trip on Your Puerto Peñasco Vacation

When vacationing in Puerto Peñasco, take a day to visit neighboring towns and unique sites. A day trip is a great way to complement your vacation. Get more out of your vacation and check out these neighboring towns.

Bahia Cholla Bay

If you’re wanting to spend a day reading quietly on the beach or having an intimate picnic, check out Cholla Bay. Cholla Bay is a small seaside town just north of Puerto Peñasco. A short drive away, Bahia Cholla Bay (the local name) has the same beautiful beaches on the Sea of Cortez as Puerto Peñasco, but with a quieter environment. Though not as abundant with amenities as Puerto Peñasco, Cholla Bay offers vacationers the option of a quiet getaway.


Another great town for a day trip is Caborca, a historic part of Sonora just a couple of hours south of Puerto Peñasco. The small town has a few famous sites to see, including a century-old mission church called Pueblo Viejo, historic petroglyphs, and two fishing villages, Desomboque and Lobo. Take a day to visit Caborca and add onto your Puerto Peñasco vacation.

San Felipe

For those that have a little more time to spare, a four-hour day trip to San Felipe, Mexico from Puerto Peñasco offers some cool sites to see and desert springs to explore. The desert and seaside landscape offers visitors a chance to see another side of the Sea of Cortez. Checkout the town’s historic lighthouse or take advantage of the smaller beaches and relax. The nearby beach town is a great place to stop during your vacation in Puerto Peñasco.

The Right Vacation for You

Having additional sights to see on a day trip while vacationing in Puerto Peñasco is just one reward amongst many others during your stay in the coastal town. Make sure you have a phenomenal vacation by staying in Puerto Peñasco and visiting its neighboring attractions. Contact us today to plan your trip!