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Dia De Los Muertos Volleyball Tournament

This year on November 2nd, comes the Mexican Holiday of Dia De Los Muertos when people gather to remember the lives of the loved ones whom they have lost. Often times, people paint their faces and plan the day within their homes. But why not take the planning out of the Holiday and just enjoy the beautiful Sandy Beach area. Outta Town Productions is doing just that by hosting its Dia De Los Muertos Volleyball Tournament. This provides a great atmosphere where you can wear your costume on the beach and take the planning out of the holiday. The beginning of the weekend is kicked of the right way with a player party to which everyone is of course welcome!

The tournament commences on November 2nd with an 8:30 am check-in time. Registration costs $120 per team and it opens on October 25th. Pre-register today to reserve your spot! Spots are sure to go quick this year with only 30 team slots, so the sooner you register the better. You can find four levels of competition so there is something for everyone. The top division is called Reincarnated, the mid level competitive league is called purgatory and the fun league is called Zombies. The fourth division is a new feature this year and is more focused on gender than skill level only requiring a $30 registration fee. This division consists of a max of 20 players which will be divided into 5 different teams