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Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions in Rocky Point

If you are looking where to go on vacation in Mexico, do not forget to bring the pups! Rocky Point features a variety of dog-friendly activities and attractions that are great for you and your dogs to enjoy together. You may initially think it would be difficult for dogs to cross the border. However, border patrol allows each family to bring up to three dogs across the border for your adventure in Rocky Point without paying any fees or dues! Dogs will need their vaccination cards during entry to ensure they have been properly vaccinated. Here are some of the best dog-friendly activities and attractions down in Rocky Point.

Explore the Miles of Beaches

Rocky Point features some beautiful beaches and is the place to be if you are not sure where to go on vacation in Mexico. Being a beach town, you will have miles upon miles of coastline and beaches to explore with your dogs. While laws requiring leashes may be different in Mexico, it is always a good idea to keep them on a leash to avoid any incidents. Many of the beaches in front of resorts will have trashcans around so you can clean up after your pup. The best time to take the dogs out for a walk down the beach is usually in the morning before crowds to start form around the more popular areas. Since your dog will be in a new environment, make sure they are wearing their collar in case they happen to get lost.

Take the Dog for a Walk

Rocky Point also features exciting hiking trails around the city where your dog can enjoy a more rigorous walk. Keeping your dog on a leash during any hike is also recommended.

Rocky Pet Hotel

While your dog may enjoy the active attractions of Rocky Point, such as the endless beaches and hiking trails, let them also enjoy a peaceful day getting attention they deserve. The Rocky Pet Hotel and Spa is a doggie day care that specializes in a variety of services for your dogs. They offer services ranging from pet grooming, dog walking, boarding, vacation packages, doggie day care, and even veterinary services. The Rocky Pet Hotel has a bilingual staff that are on hand for any questions you may have. Give them a call at (638) 102-0585. Your dogs will love you even more once you take them on an unforgettable trip down to Rocky Point!