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Early 2020 Events to Enjoy With Rocky Point Resorts

In the earliest months of the year, Rocky Point is at the height of its off-season. That means that the crowds are at their smallest, and you’ll have more of Rocky Point to yourself, from the lively clubs to the sandy beaches to the exciting, upcoming events. Take a look at the events that we’re most excited for with Rocky Point Resorts:

Cruz Contreras

On January 17th, you’ll get to hear the musical stylings of Cruz Contreras at Las Palomas when he visits us here in Rocky Point. Contreras is a wildly talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He’s collaborated with all sorts of musicians, and you might even know him from his band, The Black Lillies. But this time he’s flying solo, and we’ll get to hear his music standing all on its own.

Bird Island Scuba Day Trip

Ship out to sea with Rocky Point Scuba Dive on Saturday, January 18th. See the sea lions up close and personal by donning a wetsuit with the professionals and joining the sea lions in the water! This boat ride will take you out to the gorgeous Isla San Jorge (also known as Bird Island), an area that is rich with sea life since it lies a ways off the main shore. The $189 ticket includes all the equipment you’ll need, plus food and drinks for the day at sea. This event goes from 7:00am – 5:00pm, and you’ll want to get there bright and early.

Angler of the Year Fishing Tournament

This is a 3-phase competition held by one of our favorite establishments here in town: JJ’s Cantina. It’s a tourney that begins in February and finishes in November, so if you like to come here a few times a year, it’s a great way to tie all your visits together. Throughout the tournament, contestants gain their points based on the weight of their fishing catches. Good thing Rocky Point is such a fishing hot spot! Everyone has a chance to win this one. If you like this low-stakes competition, check out the even bigger competition that hits Rocky Point every year in April too: The Cholla Bay Annual Fishing Derby.

Make FMI Rocky Point Resorts Your Biggest Event

The biggest part of any vacation can easily be the home you choose to stay in during your time in town. Let us help you make it the best vacation it can be! Take a stroll through our catalog today to get started on your Rocky Point vacation.