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Easter 2020 in Rocky Point

While visiting Mexico for the Easter holiday, most guests notice that this Sunday in April usually takes on a stronger religious character here, as opposed to the more Americanized versions of all-day brunches and Easter egg hunts. Nonetheless, this religious holiday holds one thing in common for both countries, as it is often considered a time to spend with family and friends in the superb springtime weather. One major difference, however, Easter in Rocky Point and throughout the entire country of Mexico, the Easter holiday stretches on for seven days during the aptly entitled Semana Santa or Holy Week. In fact, this week is de rigueur for most Catholic countries, when the schools, banks, and institutions practically shut down and everyone celebrates. Over the entire week, the region around Puerto Peñasco receives more than 100 thousand visitors in search of fun under the sun. Furthermore, throughout the season, many spring breakers venture south in search of some respite away from the books, especially those students from Arizona colleges and universities.

Holy Week

The Semana Santa is one of the most popular times to visit Rocky Point. In this case, travelers should reserve accommodations early in order to avoid the crowds and pay higher rates. Additionally, Easter is one of the most sacred events on the Christian calendar, and this is quite apparent with the abundance of churches throughout town. However, during Holy Week, the bizarre juxtaposition of rowdy spring break tourists alongside religious traditions and rites provides an interesting way to see this part of Mexico.

On Calle 13 (the main street that runs downtown), everyone mingles inside the bars and restaurants listening to mariachi music. Calle 13 stretches to both the Rocky Point Marina as well as the popular Playa Hermosa, where after brunch you can walk in less than 15 minutes to dip your toes into the calm water. If you choose to prepare a magnificent brunch inside your own vacation kitchen, make sure to stop at the Malecón Fish & Shrimp Market. Here, the open-air stalls with fishmongers both serving as well as selling the bounty of the bay can provide everything you need for the feast. The fish market and boardwalk also serves as a great place to watch the sunset, as it presents visitors with boundless views across the bay.

Bayside Brunch

On the other hand, if you arrive with the total vacation mindset, which includes leaving the cooking skills at home, then venture out in search of a restaurant for the all-important Easter brunch. For such a small bayside village, Rocky Point offers a wide variety of different cuisines with influences from around the world. On Calle 13, try seafood prepared the Japanese way at Sushi Sun or Sapporo Sushi, pizza at Valentino’s, and of course, excellent tacos at El Pastorcito. After your meal, travel north to Calle 14 and satisfy dessert cravings at Thrifty Ice Cream, or if you prefer coffee, visit Sea Coffee for an eclectic selection of caffeine as well as crepes to go. For a more elegant setting, try to make reservations in advance at Blue Marlin. Since 1996, this seafood restaurant has entertained countless diners and provided many special occasions for all who enter its doors. At Casa del Capitan, the ambiance is different than that of Blue Marlin; however, it has one of the best views over the bay in the entire region. The menu features regional classics such as tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas, but guests can still find the delectable Pescado a la Veracruzana or fresh fish made in the style of the state of Veracruz.

Rocky Point Activities

After your breakfast, brunch or lunch, a visit to the beach might be next on the itinerary. In Rocky Point, travelers will find two main beaches: the aforementioned Playa Hermosa and Sandy Beach. Both offer pebbly shorelines, gentle waves, and plenty of nautical activities. The scene only gets better when you have ceviche vendors walking along the sand with bags of sour, spicy brined jumbo shrimp. For those guests who prefer to be on the water as opposed to the sand, take a charter boat to explore the waters around Kino Bay. In fact, some anglers can reserve a special charter to retrieve their own catch for dinner; check in at the marina to find one of the outfitters that can help you in this endeavor. When traveling with the kids, check with your rental agency to find out what is happening in terms of Easter egg hunts, parades, etc., but even if you and your family do not find the ultimate Easter egg experience, a picnic on one of the beaches will suffice nicely. In fact, make another trip to the fish market to prepare your own picnic, because chances are the sun will be shining bright during this holy week in April!

Your exciting Easter in Rocky Point Mexico vacation begins by booking your vacation rental with FMI Rentals today! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help!