If you’re looking to experience all of the incredible natural beauty and wonder that the Rocky Point area has to offer, then there is nobody better equipped to help than the good people at Ecofun Rentals! Learn about the best Mexico vacation packages below:

Experience a Life-Changing Adventure by Land…

Many people may believe that the only special thing about the Rocky Point area is the water or the beaches, but I’m here to tell you that this is far from the case and Ecofun Rentals is here to help show you otherwise! They offer a number of different tours that show off the Rocky Point area in ways you may have never believed existed and are ready to show you everything it has to store. Ecofun Rentals offers an incredible city tour of Rocky Point that will take you around to some of the best local shops in town. From Mexican artisans performing their magic, to the CETMAR aquarium with sea lions, there’s so much more to see here!

If you’re looking to get outside the city and explore the natural wildlife of the area, Ecofun Rentals is also proud to offer Pinacate Tours! The Pinacate Adventure will take you on a 6-hour trip to a protected biosphere reserve where you can witness some of the wildlife that calls our area home, as well as over 30 square miles of volcanic fields and craters!

Or by Sea!

Hey, we get it. There are some of you that did come to experience the beaches and waters, no shame in that (they are spectacular after all!). If that’s the case, then Ecofun Rentals has you covered there as well as they offer a number of incredible sea tours that will make your next Rocky Point vacation unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for something exciting like whale watching right in the Puerto Peñasco waters, or just want a romantic trip on the water to watch the sunset, Ecofun Rentals is here to make sure they help you create memories that will last a lifetime. They also offer a number of different equipment rentals for those looking to get out on the water such as kayaking, paddle boards, and more!

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So what are you waiting for? Stop by their office at the Baja Hotel or call at (602) 635-3736/(638)388-9699 for rates and to reserve your spot today!

Best Mexico Vacation Packages

Being adventurous does certainly have its advantages, but man can it also be tiring! After spending all day out on the water or exploring the craters, sometimes you just want a relaxing place to come home to, slip off your shoes, and relax. Rest easy my friend, FMI Rentals has you covered! We offer a number of amazing rental properties in the Rocky Point area that will make you feel right at home that are available for your next Rocky Point vacation! Whether you’re looking for a romantic one-bedroom getaway or something big enough for the whole family, we’re here to help. So don’t wait – check out all of our incredible rental properties and find the perfect one for you today!