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Enjoy stunning sunsets when you have a vacation in Rocky Point

Enjoy a Vacation in Rocky Point While Working Remote

For months we have been forced to stay at home, going out only to seek out food, making the daily commute from our bedroom to home office. While we are showing an improvement in the battle against COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal, a fact that most of us have not only grown used to but have begun to fall in love with! But you know what? Prepare to have your mind blown as we at FMI Rentals show you another reason to fall in love with working from home, one that you have probably not thought about yet. Working from home does NOT mean you have to work from YOUR home, and this simple factoid means you can work from ANY home that has internet—including our spacious and luxurious FMI Rentals Rocky Point escapes!

Take Your Work with You When You Vacation in Rocky Point

Telecommuters from all over the nation are getting giddy as they pack their bags for a south of the border working vacation in Rocky Point guaranteed to bring peace to their souls as the sun’s rays add a bit of color to their cheeks, and you can be one of the happy many! Not all our properties offer internet, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully, but once you find the one that meets all your needs, book fast, as it may not last for long! Once you arrive, you will feel the tension slide from your shoulders as you drop your bags inside the door and begin to explore the sunny, yet remarkably cool space that spreads out before you!

The dining rooms with large tables offer plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable as you work, but do not limit yourself to the ordinary when a host of extraordinary choices are available. Curl up on the couch with your laptop open in your lap and your phone on the table next to you or take over an extra bedroom where you can shut the door to the sounds of your family playing and lose yourself in your work. When Zoom meetings are necessary, take it outside to the patio, turning so the backdrop of the Sea of Cortez brings envy to the faces of your coworkers, or if the property you are renting has a pool, bring the office party poolside! Sit with your legs dangling as you talk numbers and income proposals with your boss, realizing that the perks of working from “home” can never be overrated! At lunch, you can fix yourself up something nice in the fully equipped kitchen or take a break and head to any of the nearby restaurants; the Friendly Dolphin is one of our favorite places to munch during lunch, but there are plenty of options for you to choose from!

When You’re Done with Work

While you may not find yourself watching the clock as closely when working in your FMI Rentals vacation home away from home, you will be just as glad to close up your laptop as you are when you shut down your work computer because you know the best part of your working vacation is starting now! Head down to the playa for a last-minute frolic in the surf before dinner, and if you are still there when the sun begins to set, take a moment to watch the splendor in the skies. A Mexican sunset has long been the subject of romantic poems, and you will get to enjoy it in person! Evenings are long in the summer, but if you do nothing more than enjoy some drinks at Lucky’s Cantina or a delicious dinner from Latitude 31, well, we think you can consider the day a perfect one!

On weekends, fishing from Old Port offers dinner solutions, while a visit to the tide pools along the Rocky Point beaches will give your children a science education they can’t receive in school. Speaking of your children, if their school year is going to be one at home, they will enjoy a Mexican getaway just as much as you will! Some of our properties come with kayaks that guests can use during their downtime and spending a few hours over the weekend with paddle in hand can be a peaceful and regenerating experience. If there are no kayaks in your unit, that’s ok; they can be rented relatively cheaply from any of the beach stores found in the area!

The Best Places to Stay

Whether you are working or playing every day of your stay, choosing FMI Rentals will ensure that your working vacation will be a memorable one. Reserve your spacious and comfortable property today!