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Enjoy the Tastes of Puerto Peñasco

FMI RentalsA great way to get to know a new area is to explore and discover the local culinary offerings. Mexico’s Puerto Peñasco is a perfect place to explore new and different food offerings.

This area is defined by its true, authentic Mexican food offerings. You may be surprised that this “real” Mexican food is a big departure from what you may think of when considering Mexican foods and flavors.

Here’s a look at some of the more popular fare offered in Puerto Peñasco — which is based largely on fresh seafood offerings.

In many restaurants, you’ll find Costa Brava shrimp. The shrimp are covered in cheese, wrapped in bacon, and then fried. These tasty shrimp are served with butter, honey, applesauce and wine. Often they are accompanied with rice or salad.

Zarandeado fish is the shining star of many menus of palapas and luxury restaurants. The fish is wrapped in banana leaves along with onion, garlic and hot peppers and then roasted in charcoal.

One of the dishes popular among the locals is “caguamanta”. The main ingredients of this dish are stingray and shrimp, which are cooked in a soup of garlic, green beans, carrots and a pasilla chili sauce.

While the main culinary offerings of Puerto Peñasco are seafood, there are several delicious dishes made with meat, which is a basic component of Sonoran gastronomy. For instance, there’s the authentic, traditional “mochomos” that are prepared with fried beef or veal meat and served with flour tortillas — much like a taco.

Of course, we can’t forget the sweet treats, and these are not to be missed when in Puerto Peñasco. Try the Coyotas, which are a type of flour tortilla stuffed with candies and baked. Often they are filled with guayaba, brown sugar and topped with caramel.

Within the Puerto Peñasco area, you can find many restaurants that offer these and many other traditional dishes. You can also find restaurants that offer tastes from around the world. And, best of all, many of these eateries are surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Peñasco, for the ultimate dining experience.