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Escape to Rocky Point for Easter 2021

We’ve all pretty much been stuck in a rut over the past 12 months, self-quarantining at home, staring at the same four walls day after day after day, not even having contact with the people who deliver food to our homes, but at last, things are looking up again! Travel restrictions are lifting as many of us are still telecommuting, so why not combine the two and start making plans to travel for the Easter holidays. As the temperatures in your hometown may still be hovering in the low 20s—perhaps you are even expecting an Easter blizzard as has happened many times before over the years—you probably are seeking somewhere warm, sunny, and beachy. If this is the case, Rocky Point Mexico may be calling your name, and our cheerful FMI Rentals will seal the deal!

All the Comforts of Home in our FMI Easter Escapes

Beginnings are wonderful, especially at the start of your stay in our FMI Easter escapes and as you begin to explore the cottage you have rented, you will begin to see the possibilities. You will picture yourself putting the cloves on your ham before placing it in ovens that are updated and generously sized; we can almost smell the aromatic scents of a traditional Easter meal wafting throughout the home!

As your children run around, opening and closing cabinet doors, calling dibs on their favorite rooms, the sight of them running around the yard outside the cottage searching for the colorful eggs you decorated at the large dining room table that dominates the space will remind you of the season. That table will be the center of your Mexico adventures as you play games, hold spirited conversations over coffee in the morning and margaritas in the afternoon, and of course, come together as a family over a holiday meal that can be as traditional or as non-traditional as you wish! Grill an Easter fish on the barbecue outside the rental or pick up a selection of seafood at the seafood market downtown and enjoy a meal that is sweet, healthy, and fresh from the waters that frame the shores of our Gulfside village.

In the living rooms, visions of Easter baskets brimming with chocolate bunnies and fun gifts float before your eyes as you give that overstuffed chair by the window a quick bounce and turn on the state-of-the-art television and begin to flip idly through the channels. Light, bright, and offering amazing views of the beach that makes up your backyard (in our beachfront cottages, of course), the living rooms are built to make your family feel comfortable and at peace. Step outside to the patio, deck, or balcony of your holiday hideaway and discover just how beautiful the next few days of your south of the border vacation will be. Even if you haven’t rented a beachfront home, the sights and sounds from this space right here are guaranteed to be ones you won’t ever forget! Back inside the home, continue your tour of the space you will call home for the holiday by heading down the halls to bedrooms that will give you the best sleep of your life. Only happy dreams take place in our peaceful and tranquil retreats.

Adventures in Mexico

It’s not just families that fly south for the holiday, however, and whether you choose to travel with friends or the love of your life, the adventures you will have in Rocky Point will never disappoint! Enjoy sunrise horseback rides on the beach, long drives along the coast, quiet dinners at restaurants that offer the best seafood in the country, and if the mood hits you, wild nights at beach bars spent dancing, drinking, and making new friends! Every minute of your south of the border adventure can be filled with excitement, laughter, and yes, as many margaritas as you can drink! Locals tend to drink their tequila straight, and if you want to join in the fun, the Tequila Factory has a tasting room that will let you choose your favorite flavors, including their newest one, a Mexican specialty drink known as horchata. What is horchata, you ask? Non-tequila horchatas are a sweet drink made with white rice, cinnamon, and a LOT of sugar, so as you can imagine, the horchata tequila has a sweet taste that will make you fall in love!

It Doesn’t Matter How You Celebrate

Easter celebrations aren’t the same for everyone, and whether you choose to hide colored eggs under beach furniture for the kids, whip up Cottontail Cocktails to share with your friends, or simply want to take moonlit strolls on the beach with your partner, spending your Mexico minutes in one of our holiday hideaways promises to be where your happiest memories are made. Reserve yours today!