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See stingrays and more on your list of Rocky Point fall activities

Fall Activities in Rocky Point, Mexico 2022

Not every traveler enjoys the crisp cool days of fall and all the pumpkin accessories that accompany the season. Some travelers find themselves seeking the eternal beauty of summer days and a visit to Rocky Point will give guests all the summer fun they require! Offering all that summer provides with temperatures that have dropped to just the right degrees, your autumn adventures are destined to be comfortable and exotic, especially when you choose FMI Rentals for your vacation accommodations! Every day will be your favorite day as you play at the beach, shop at the stores, and come home to the welcoming beauty of our seasonal sanctuaries and this guide to all the fall fun you can have during your stay may just be the start of a new tradition in your family.

The Best Time to Visit This Rocky Point Fall

The summer and winter months are when Rocky Point crowds are the highest but the fall months are when visitors are more likely to discover their own personal paradise! The temperatures drop, the humidity lowers, and yet the waters are still warm making beach days the best days! Gather up the gear you need, stake your claim on the nearly empty beaches, and prepare for a day of fun, frolic, and serene relaxation! Let the kids ride the banana boats as you nap under the gentle rays of the sun or, if your children are younger, spend many minutes at the shore’s edge building sandcastles that will delight you! Pack a cooler with all your favorite snacks, sandwiches, and beverages, and plant an umbrella in the sand to protect more delicate skin from the ultraviolet rays of the still bright sun and your day won’t have to end until the sun sets over the sea!

Fly through the Sky

There are actually multiple ways you can fly in the fall, in any season for that matter, starting with the Rocky Point Ziplines. Soar over 2000 feet in the air as the lines take you on an adventure that provides some of the best views of sandy beaches and the sea just beyond. Each trip lasts about 30 minutes, giving fliers the thrill of a lifetime without using up too many of your valuable vacation minutes. Another way to fly keeps you safely tethered to a boat below and provides more panoramic views that will touch your soul. Parasailing Rocky Point offers a safe and thrilling adventure that will very likely be the highlight of your south-of-the-border shenanigans! Athletes and thrill seekers alike will fall for the highs reached when Kite Surfing with Rocky Point Kite Surfing. Not an easy activity to conquer, the pride you will feel when you catch the breeze that will let you take flight may make this activity your newest obsession.

Horseback Riding on the Beach

If there is anything more romantic than a sunrise horseback ride on the beach we really don’t know what it would be, but there will be plenty of opportunities for you to try it out yourself during your fall adventures in Rocky Point. The most well-known stable in town, El Establo Ranch offers a variety of fine steeds to help make your romantic dreams come true! Sunrise and sunset are our two favorite times of day and even if you really aren’t an early riser, we think you should try it at least once during your stay! Watching the sun come alive in a kaleidoscope of fiery colors as your steed splashes through the surf is an experience you will never forget.

For the Birds

A tour of Bird Island is always a good idea, offering a glimpse into the lives of the sea lions and birds who have made this protected piece of land their home. Snorkeling and scuba diving around the island provides even more insight into the natural world giving visitors the opportunity to see dolphin, stingray, and other creatures of the sea. Eco Fun Land & Sea Excursions offer a variety of tours for your adventuring excitement including tours to Bird Island that include lunch, beer, and the all-important bathroom on board!

Home is where the Heart is

Your FMI Rentals seasonal sanctuary where will be where the most heartwarming memories will be made. Enjoy picnics on rooftop decks, sunsets viewed from your balcony that overlooks the Sea of Cortez, and long cozy nights filled with happy dreams and deep sleep. Our homes will capture your heart as you revel in every comfortable moment experienced inside and as they offer a blend of modern conveniences and cozy comforts, all your travel needs will be met! Reserve your favorite Rocky Point fall vacation rental today and discover the bliss eternal summer can bring to travelers who always want to follow the sun!