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Five Activities for the Nature Buff in Rocky Point

Real life often means spending most of your time indoors. We work all day inside dungeon-like buildings with very few windows, and then we are so tired by the end of the day, we rarely venture out once we are home again. Weekends are spent doing the things we didn’t get to do during the week, so any chances we have to get outside and commune with nature are limited and short lasting. Your vacation in Rocky Point, however, can be the time for you to get out there and do what you miss the most; this is when you can reacquaint yourself with that spectacular beauty, Mother Nature.

A Sunrise Walk on the Beach

Sunrise is a quiet time as the dark skies slowly lighten, the stars disappear one by one, and the beach is so empty, it almost seems to be your own. The world awakens with the rising of the sun and the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the sandy shores of Playa Bonita Beach is music to your ears.


Charter a boat with your son and brother from Del Mar Charters, or rent a pole and cast from the shore for the ultimate man against fish competition. Spring and summer in Rocky Point is the best time for fishing, and your tasty catch can be that night’s dinner; your family will be so proud!

Rocky Point Zipline

Exploring nature doesn’t always have to mean an extensive hike. Sometimes, you can see all you need to see as you zip across a thin cable located a couple hundred feet up in the air. Feel the wind in your face and enjoy the sights and sounds of our ocean village when you spend some time on the Rocky Point Zipline.


The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans is the American name for outdoor fun in Rocky Point. Offering ecotours, nature walks, and botanical gardens, your visit here will teach you about conservation as you enjoy the sights that surround you!

Pinacate Tours

Discover what happens after the volcano erupts with a 6-hour tour of the biosphere reserve and get an up close and personal look at the craters and the wildlife that inhabits them when you sign up for an eco-tour with EcoFun Rentals.

And Now it’s Time to Commune with a Bath

A soak in a hot tub in your FMI Rentals resort vacation home is the perfect ending to a perfect day of nature fun. Reserve yours today and discover everything natural about Rocky Point!