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Five Relaxing Activities in Rocky Point

Vacations are supposed to be a break from the everyday stresses of real life, but in reality, it is often an overbooked rush to get from point A to point Z in an attempt to see everything that the area has to offer. When our vacation is over and it’s time to head back home, most of feel more exhausted than we did at the start of the trip, and the splashdown to reality is especially difficult to handle. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder to slow down, take a breath, and relax. We have compiled a list of relaxing activities that we hope you will move to the top of your Rocky Point to-do list. Life moves at a slower pace when you’re south of the border—take the time to enjoy it!

Watch the Sunset

The best part about taking time to watch a glorious Mexican sunset is that you can do it from practically anywhere, but if you do it from the deck of your FMI Rentals cozy beachfront cottage, including a bottle of wine and a discussion about the day’s activities with your family or friends adds an extra element of relaxation.

Beach Day

Beach days don’t always have to mean a day filled with action. Pack a book, an umbrella, and a cooler full of refreshing beverages and snacks and head to the sandy shores of Playa Bonita. You can pack your headphones if you like, but we often find that the music of the ocean waves splashing against the sand is as relaxing a sound as we have ever heard.


Charter a boat from one of the many charter companies available in Rocky Point. Smaller companies ( offer a more intimate and relaxing experience, but in many cases, the most restful times only require a pole, bait, a chair, and a quiet spot.

Quiet Dinners Out

There’s nothing more romantic or relaxing than a quiet dinner out with that special person in your life, and many Rocky Point restaurants offer the ultimate in romantic meals. Mare Blue on Sandy Beach offers fresh seafood dinners, live piano music, and views of the Sea of Cortez that are like no other.

Take a Siesta

There’s something about an afternoon nap that makes you feel refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated; the feel of cool sheets against your skin, the sound of the ceiling fan lazily turning overhead, and the relaxing sensation of sinking into your deluxe mattress in your FMI Rentals Rocky Point beach house. It doesn’t get any better than this, and when you choose FMI Rentals for your vacation accommodations, you’re guaranteed a fun, exciting, and best of all, RELAXING getaway. Book yours today!