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Five Upcoming Events in Rocky Point

The dog days of summer are upon us and the heat is making most of us long for cooler times and cooler fun. As much as we would like to help, we at FMI Rentals cannot change the weather. What we can do, however, is direct you to head south, where ocean breezes help lower the temperatures and make you forget that summer will still be hanging around for a month or two longer. Rocky Point is where all the cool people play—what are you waiting for? Here’s a list of five upcoming events in Rocky Point that will be the highlight of your year!

Sand Castle Contest – Casa Hogar Fundraiser

Nothing’s cooler than a sandcastle on the beach in August, but if you are competing in a contest where the funds go to needy orphans like this one, well, the cool factor is upped even more! August 12th is the date and the entry fee is only $500 pesos, but feel free to donate more if you can! Learn more at

Rocky Point Fight Night

Boxing lovers will want to add a September 2nd, 2017 trip to Rocky Point to their itinerary; Rocky Point Fight Night is held at the Rocky Point Convention Center (Peñasco Expo Centro de Convenciones) and this year’s star attraction is the Esquer vs Covarrubias battle. Tickets start at 100 pesos and go up from there.

Disability Fundraiser

Also held on September 2 at the Satisfied Frog, you can start the fight celebration early: With every Tequila Penasco Margarita you buy, $1 will be donated to the disabled citizens of Rocky Point. Live entertainment, refreshing beverages, AND a worthy cause? It doesn’t get any better than this!

Rocky Point Triathlon

Vacations can be healthy, and if triathlons are your thing, the Rocky Point Triathlon is going to be held on September 30th. Registration fees are lower right now than they will be, so visit to register today!

17th Annual Rocky Point Rally

If you like to ride motorcycles and like to fiesta south of the border style, the 17th Annual Rocky Point Rally is an event created just for you! Held November 9th through 12th, this is the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world and do what you do best: celebrate hog style! Find the details at

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You work hard, play hard, and if it’s possible, you relax even harder, and you know that the best place to relax during your fun-filled Rocky Point vacation is in one of our beach rentals. Reserve yours today and start planning your cool vacation in the hottest homes south of the border!