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Free Off the Beaten Path Activities in Rocky Point

Wouldn’t it be great when you return from your Rocky Point vacation getaway to share stories of exciting activities that you and your family enjoyed together? Wouldn’t it also be great if these activities were not the usual Rocky Point activities that are heavily advertised by the local businesses? Luckily for you, Rocky Point offers a variety of off the beaten path activities that can be enjoyed by you and your family for free! Here are some free off the beaten path activities for you to set out and find during your next Rocky Point adventure.

Enjoy Your Sundays in Rocky Point

Most Rocky Point vacationers come and go over the weekend using Friday and Saturday as the pinnacle to their vacation. Spend an extra day in town and experience Rocky Point like a true local when the weekend crowds clear out, leaving a relaxing Sunday where you can enjoy peace and relaxation. Typically, events that are not advertised for tourists will occur on Sundays. While your children may have to return to school and make Sundays less ideal to stick around, this can be great for couples or group vacationers. Public markets are available for all of your shopping needs with the local farmers.

Oyster Farming

Nothing says fresh seafood like picking out your dinner straight from the ocean. There are fresh oysters all along the Sea of Cortez; fish out the oysters yourself for a great treat! Just head outside of town to Ostiones Acua Mar and enjoy the sandy beaches full of parking pavilions, tables, stools, and fresh oysters taken straight from the waters. This location is perfect for you and your family to stretch out and relax under the sunny skies of Rocky Point.

Check Out the Public Beach

While most tourists are lounging around the resort beaches, other beaches just outside of town are less traveled. The public beach is one such location where you and your family can enjoy some fun under the sun. You can find a variety of vendors with food trucks, beach cabanas for rent, frozen fruit bars, and fresh seafood at Gamma’s located just down the beach. Enjoy free entry into this wonderful beach that is perfect for the whole family. Head just straight out of town and you will find the public beach situated between Peñasco del Sol and Playa Bonita.