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Go To Beautiful Pelican Beach In Sunny Rocky Point!

pexels-photo (15)Get your beach news, hot off the press! People are “flocking” to Pelican Beach and you shouldn’t get left behind. This beautiful beach, just northwest of Cholla Bay, is a developing resort area and a prime place to get your vacation on! But don’t just take our word for it, here are the facts!

It’s Wild

Get in touch with nature at this natural beach. Aptly named after its brown pelican congregates, this beach also sports crabs and clams, amongst other wildlife. This isn’t a dead area of sand; it’s a place of life! You don’t have to worry about being overrun by the wildlife by any means; it just serves to connect you with beauty of nature a bit more.  It’s the iconic call of seagulls, after all, that calls the beach to mind.

Activities Are Easy

Remember the wildlife from earlier? That means you can easily go clam hunting or try and catch crustaceans.  Beyond that, there are the classic beach activities of surfing or swimming, and the waters on Pelican Beach are so inviting you would have a hard time not hoping in the waves; just keep an eye out for rock reefs. People also love to picnic here amongst the soft sand and crisp ocean air.

Nearby Fun

If you are visiting Pelican Beach, you don’t have to go far for a good time. Malecon is a district of town known for its shops and food, not far off, and among these restaurants is the classic Manny’s Tequila Factory. At Manny’s, you get a tequila education and get to taste the finest of Mexican tequila. But it’s not all food and drink in Malecon, there is plenty of art to enjoy. Malecon Square has sculptures that deserve to be admired and will make have you playing the role of esthete as you consider the emotions put into such great creations.

The Best Is Yet To Come

This is soon to be a rich area of development, with a golf course, homes, and condos to be constructed.  What does this mean? Well you may want to book your calendar now, as it will be a popular site when it finishes, because after all, it’s not every beach that has its own golf course. And if you are looking to invest in vacation property, you may be wise to scope out this area.

Fly To Pelican Beach

If you’re in Rocky Point, Mexico, put Pelican Beach on the agenda. Being nearby such great activities it’s not a tough choice, and if you decide to move on, Cholla Beach is nearby.  Just don’t forget to snap a picture of all the Pelicans to prove you were there.

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