image_84184If you own, or are considering owning vacation rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico, you’ll be glad you came to our webpage. Here, we’d like to describe a few advantages of hiring a management company to handle your property, whether to rent or to just watch for you.

Our Services for Non-Renters

First, even if you are not renting out your property, it can still be worth hiring a property management company to take care of it, especially if you are not often in the area. Typically, property managers’ jobs involve making ownership more convenient for you. For instance, a property management team may take care of paying for utility bills, including power and trash pickup. They also usually offer maintenance and cleaning services. FMI for instance offers both of these, and prides itself in particular on keeping your property looking good—we know that Rocky Point’s best asset is its beauty, and we want your Rocky Point, Mexico vacation rentals to reflect that. At your option, property managers can check the property’s interior on a regular basis, whether to check for flooding and pests or just to keep plants watered. Different managers offer different services for different costs, so be sure to read the agreement between you and them carefully.

Taking Care of Your Vacation Rentals In Rocky Point, Mexico

If you intend to make an income from your vacation rentals in Rocky Point, Mexico, there are several reasons to hire a property manager. Renting out your property makes you a landlord, and landlords have a whole host of demands —hiring a property manager is essentially paying a private contractor, someone experienced in the field, to take care of those responsibilities for you, in addition to all the services mentioned above.

If you are not living near your Rocky Point, Mexico vacation rentals, a property manager is a great idea. They can be close by at all times, handling things you couldn’t handle from a distance. For instance, they can take care of checking new tenants’ suitability as renters, and will do the job of checking the properties when these renters move out. Plus, as mentioned above, property managers will handle upkeep of vacant properties. If, like many Rocky Point renters, you expect to be offering vacation rentals, this makes a property manager invaluable due to the many times your property will be changing hands.

If you are looking to rent to vacationers, then hiring a property manager is a great idea. In particular, consider FMI. Not only do we devote ourselves full-time to handling your Rocky Point, Mexico vacation rentals, but we also have teamed up with travel agencies to make it easier for prospective renters to book your vacation rental. Plus, we offer up-to-date information so that you can check everything that’s going on with your property without waiting for monthly statements.

FMI Rentals knows how to make the most out of your vacation rentals in Rocky Point. If hiring a property manager sounds like a good deal, contact us today!